DRY NYC WINTER: Surgeon’s Skin Secret


I don’t know about the rest of you but my skin is so completely dry right now with this NYC winter!!!!  I had been using Avon’s Intensive Therapy Hand Cream… but my hands would absorb the oil within 20 seconds.  I added baby oil to the larger size Intensive Therapy bottle to give it a boost… and it helps, but does not completely remedy the problem.

This week I ran out of my standard hand cream, so my boss suggested the girls and I try the Surgeon’s Skin Secret Bee’s Wax that she had ordered from QVC.  I promise you all my hands have felt like silk all day!  The thing that makes me really love this product is that I don’t have to keep reapplying it every time I wash my hands or go outside.  The other benefits are that it is not excessively sticky or greasy.  I applied it to my hands and elbows and I honestly can say I have never been so happy EVER!

*thinking* I am starting to sound like an infomercial now lollll.  Look, if you live in a cold climate… you feel my pain when it comes to dry winter skin.  I CAN NOT function with rough, dry hands… it drives me crazy!!!!  Especially the section in between your fingers… it’s torture sitting at your desk at work with depleted hands!  The Surgeon’s Skin Secret Bee’s Wax has been the first product that actually worked!  Hmmm I wonder if they make hair products?!  This product should be a whole lifestyle, lolll.  I am going to go peruse their site now.

In any event, not only am I telling you all to buy the product, I am going to purchase it as well before I use up all of my bosses, loll.

You can either buy it from them directly here, or purchase it on QVC here.

QVC says: These moisturizers only contain three ingredients–beeswax, lanolin, and mineral oil.


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