Kitty Bradshaw’s 7 Summer Essentials for Travel



Hey House Cats-


Sooooo I have been doing quite a bit of travel in the last 2 months.  Each time I make a trip, I get more and more efficient at making smarter choices at what to pack.  Today, I am going to list my 7 Summer Essentials for Travel.


1. Roller Carry On–  No one checks luggage anymore.  Especially with the rising cost of travel, and checked luggage.  The only thing left for savvy traveler to do is get more efficient at traveling light by packing less.  Now, I must admit, I wasn’t always packing light.  My aunt forced me to see the light by pointing out the error in my ways.  Above is a picture of how I used to pack, lolll.  I had to learn to stop trying to pack for every possible situation.  Now, I pack the bare minimum, and if need be purchase new items if I am faced with a social event that I am not packed for.  With all the money I save on luggage fees, I am able to put the that money towards whatever my heart desires during my trip.  If I get to the point where I accumulate too many items, I pack a box and ship it back separately.  Keep in mind in most cases it is cheaper to ship through a 3rd party carrier, than to pay the airlines directly.



2.  4 Types of Bags: Tote, Clutch, Cross Body Bag, and Ziploc Bags–  Now if you are a guy reading this, you probably don’t need to pack a clutch bag, lolll.  However for us ladies we need a clutch bag available in the event that our handsome travel companion takes us out to a fancy dinner and decides to pop the question 🙂 … in all seriousness these are the only 4 bags you need for travel.  Make sure that the cross-body and clutch bag are in neutral colors… while the tote bag can be something more funky in hue or texture.  When packing you can stick your ziploc bags inside of the clutch, and the clutch inside of your cross-body bag.  You can also fold the tote bag, and stick it into the cross-body.  Ziploc bags can used for storing wet swim suits, protecting your gadgets from water, transporting sand and sea shells from the beach, and just about anything else you can think of.  Below are a few variations of what I travel with.  The sequin bag has adjustable straps that can convert the bag from hobo to cross body.



3. Scarves–  there are so many different uses for scarves.  Make sure you get a long, colorful one that allows for versatility.  I generally pack about 5 scarves… a little excessive, but I use them more often than not.  I tie them into turbans, around the neck, or around my waist on the beach.  I also pack a sarong for beach use, or lounging around the villa.

Kitty Bradshaw 4 Kitty Bradshaw 5


4. Noise Cancelling Ear Phones and Sound Cylinder:  I am all about music while traveling…. mainly to tune other people out.  The noise cancelling earphones are a must have when traveling by plane.  I will talk about my current favorite brand in the next post.  I also pack a sound cylinder that can be used on the beach or in your room while getting ready.  It can be easily attached to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to provide superior sound.  The cylinder is small enough to pack, and light to pack.

Definitively Technology Sound Cylinder

5. First Aid Kit– Wipes, band-aids, vaseline, ointment, q-tips, pain medication.  Let’s just say I received a small 3rd degree burn during my trip to Hawaii.  Thank goodness there was an aloe vera plant growing outside my door.  It is better to be safe, than sorry.  Pack a small sandwich bad with all of the previously mentioned.  No need to stuff it; in most cases you won’t use the items.

6. Passport Covers–  What is the saying… the devil is in the details?  A passport cover is not mandatory, but certainly makes you look more chic while traveling.  They are pretty easy to find; I purchased mine off eBay.  They come in different sizes and colors.  I went with the standard issue, in shade pink.


7. Neutral Clothing:  I pack clothing that is easy to mix and match.  I like to pack 3 sun dresses, 3 bathing suits, 1 pair of jeans, 1 maxi skirt, 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of leggings, 4 different shirts, 4 pairs of sandals, and 1 pair of light weight tennis shoes.  As mentioned before, I also pack a sarong.  This can get me through 14 days of travel.  Of course you would be utilizing the resort laundry facilities.


Well that concludes my list of Summer Essentials for Travel.  Let me know what your travel must haves are.




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