Spring 2013: Zang Toi

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Le parlez vous francais? The Spring/Summer ’13 collection of Zang Toi should have been one of site specific pretenses, as the aesthetic of the presentation was delivered straight from the beautiful imagery of the French Riviera. The collection was elegant in the poised stature of the collection’s premier pieces, that you knew were created to be show stoppers. Toi’s creative influences seem to be molded by a renaissance feel of classic tailoring, and historically constructed dresses of boisterous nature. Beauty defined, as the first initial piece of the collection made its way down the runway, a dress of immeasurable length from direct observation of a champagne hue, quite magical, enough teasing okay.

The show was a delightful enchantment between today’s fashion purveyors, and Toi’s immense taste for luxury and elegance. Every piece presented a classic air of regality but held a strong sense of modernity, with prime tailoring and design. Fine fabric selection of silk and tuffe engulfed the collection in Toi’s knack of excellence and incredible flair. As the show progressed the crowd and I were introduced to finely tailored suits, capes, top hats and gowns of texture fit for the modern day princess. I must say the return of the coat tail seems to be the best decision sartorially for today’s gentleman. What I enjoyed most of the collection is Toi’s versatility and ability, to remain grounded in the conceptual formula surrounding the collection and to execute the principles and qualities flawlessly.

My first interaction with Zang Toi’s work and I must say, the collection was palpable and clearly stated Toi’s prominence in luxurious wardrobe construction. Ending the show in full glory, Toi received a standing ovation and even graced the catwalk in joyous form, humbly¬† receiving the love given by the crowd and I. Hopefully the imagery I provided above can help you visualize the beauty of Zang Toi’s collection, if not there are images below available for assistance…



  1. Autumn says

    This collection of dresses is amazing. I especially love the purple asymmetrical dress with the silver design on the bottom and the top. That dress would be so beautiful for my sweet 16.

  2. Ashlee says

    OMGGGG!! Now I’m showing my age… but these are some prom worthy dresses. That purple dress is so beautiful. My heart is palpitating lol

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