Spring 2013: W118 by Walter Baker

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A funky retrospective, nothing more and nothing less. Well maybe not, there is a very elaborate passion in Baker’s influence of his Spring/Summer ’13 collection. The bold color spectrum, stereo headphone adorned models and you have a peculiar look at women’s wear through the “Baker lens” a lens defined by excitement action and let us not forget innovation. The presentation was giddy and fueled with a very energetic atmosphere with more than just bouncy music but the platform in which the models were presented and the energy of the purveyors who knew they were in store for a very eclectic collection.

Walter Baker will now only bring one concept to mind bold color, and multi-blended prints reminiscent of a tie-dye low affair. The collection included simple cropped t-shirts exuberantly dashed with patterns of geometric shapes and soft but bold saturated colors. With Walter Baker, the conventional is too safe and there is an extreme need for edgier, trend defying women’s wear still adhering to the style of today. The collection was dipped in rich hues of pink, yellow, red and even indulged in the darker section of the color spectrum with a black lined cocktail dress, with silk accents and transparent mesh trim, it was quite an interesting piece amongst the other fits of the “bright anomaly”.

The collection really stood out, as it was my first presentation for the day, Baker definitely does go down on my fave list. Fabulous tailoring with vivid enriched colors calls for a celebration and that was the scene of W118’s presentation. The designer’s first year at NYFW was enjoyable and landmark enough to solidify Baker as a designer to be reckoned with. Overall, I can say the show was fun and I look forward to another collection next year. The “Walter Baker aesthetic” has been recognized, I am a witness.

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