Spring 2013: Noon By Noor

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Elegance, hard to capture such in fabrication but the idea of building elegance is something more tangible, as this concept seems to be the platform designers Noor Rashid Al Khalifa and  Haya Mohammed Al Khalifa
have chosen to create their Spring/Summer ’13 collection. Matrimony between bold colors and drapery as well as a love affair with printed silk, of a madman’s brushstroke and floral decor. The collection seemed more than influenced by the delicate fiber of silk and its ability to mold a pattern and uplift a print to vibrancy. Peach kissed gowns of extensive length flooded the collection with gold accented hits of crisp tailored edging and embellishments adding more than dimension but beauty to the gold plated sector of the Spring/Summer collection. I know such an alluring introduction but I digress, I will reach the specifics now.

An intense measure of detail was expressed in fabric selection as the first look an elegant silk suit adorned with flower decor, telling a beautiful anecdote from blouse to trousers. The collection adhered to the emerging brand’s standard of creating sophistication in length. Tweed was the assisting fabric as suits adorned with bright yellow adornments were the supplement of canary yellow tweed fabric, with sleek tailoring similar to that of the silk suits shown during the opening minutes of the presentation. Warm colors presented even bolder patterns and room for more texture, such was shown in my favorite selections: the tailored biker jackets with extended zipper detail, flamboyantly playing host to beautiful colors and adornments.

Noon by Noor displayed a heavy sense of sophistication and eloquence channeled through beauty and finely tailored silk. The intricacy of the Noon by Noor S/S collection converses on a measure of how far length, adornments and fabric selection can really define a collection. Although this is my first time encountering the work of Nora and Haya, I have a strong feeling Noon by Noor will become one of my NYFW favorites. See you guys next year.


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