Spring 2013: Mathieu Mirano






To Infinity and Beyond . . . is the place where Mathieu Mirano took us with the reveal of his spring-summer 2013 collection. He took us to a futuristic place where dinosaurs and space cadets are all emerged in an edgy, eclectic, yet fabulously chic world of fashion.


Upon entering his presentation, all the eyes could see were what appeared to be white ice mountains/ white solid cloud-like daggers. It automatically sent chills down my spine, because his choice of décor was an open invitation to let on-lookers know that he is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

One thing, that stood out to me about this collection is the wide variety of women he seemed to reach out to, it was very …’lions and tigers and bears, oh my’! By that I mean there was at least one ensemble for every type of fashion forward woman. The business chic chick, the glamour girl, the no nonsense fashionista, the subtle trend setter … & more. Not many designers can put together a cohesive collection of garments including:

  • A white sequined cape with a multi-rainbow yoke and navy embossed calfskin shoe with acrylic heel.
  • A navy chevron hem coat, navy leather t-shirt, and navy Mikado trouser.
  • Orange leather and silk organza long jacket with orange zipper, orange silk know floor length dress, and yellow embossed calfskin shoe.
  • White silk halter gown and silver vertebrae belt; and white leather puff jacket, white knit tank, and white leather puff skirt.

Pretty impressive right, and please don’t be that stubborn person who is like… ummm no (because you know you really are). Overall I absolutely loved this presentation, the garments, and the entire atmosphere of the Mathieu Mirano spring/summer 2013 show. It was extremely innovative and fresh, and that is something we as fashion lovers love to see from designers new or seasoned; it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day the objective is to be wowed and I for one was WOWED!

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