Spring 2013: Brandon Sun

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Brandon Sun’s S/S ’13 collection is the epitome of tailoring, fabric integration and the favored trend of drapery consistently building in the fashion world during the past two seasons. The design of the collection adhered to Sun’s interest to create insouciance: indifference between construction and fabrics, that is only present when fabrics are formed in duality and used in pairs, instead of singularity. With a radiant Brandon Sun floating around the room, I was assured that Sun was more than proud of this collection.

Brandon Sun’s S/S collection was an amazing display of detail and mixture of textures, producing a product of immeasurable beauty. Defunctive cuts assisted by leather, and tweed integration only exemplified by length and drapery.

Solid colors played hostess to Sun’s calm yet edgy designs of blouses of silk with fur backing. Leather, fur’s favorite sibling was used minimally, only to bring out the ferocity of the tweed and fur pieces. My favorite ensemble has to be the vest with a two-quarter extension, with khaki styled pockets on the front while the back of the top is adorned with silk.

This is a prime example of Sun’s youthful innovation that I have grown to look forward to, the past two years at NYFW. This collection serves as a successful sequel to Sun’s A/W collection where we see the intricate use of fabric again, but of course done so elegantly the remnants of the winter season, quietly sing their way into the presentation. The gowns of knit geometric patterns, uplift the fabrics from one-dimensional appearance to that of visual prominence, a motif that followed throughout four pieces of the collection.

Another presentation down and Brandon Sun has shown that he is more than worthy of the NYFW pedestal. Sun’s collection speaks towards his carefully cultivated aesthetic of creating forms and beauty with undefined construction as well as obscurity, a carefully placed line in the chosen poem by of the presentation’s line notes. The difference between Sun’s design and that of the other collections I have seen thus far is the incredible sense of originality, conceptual and cultural awareness he places in his design, all qualities in my opinion of a prime designer.


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