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Today, I attended the screening of Chef Blythe Beck’s new show, “The Naughty Kitchen”. I normally don’t watch Chef “reality” shows, I don’t need to know the drama in the kitchen… just show me how to make the food.Β However, after viewing the shows first episode ,and meeting Blythe in person… I think I will give the series a chance. Chef Beck gives you a real, in your face, behind the scenes look at her life as a young Chef.

You all know how most reality shows come across as scripted?! Well, although her staff seems somewhat scripted, Chef Blythe gives it to you raw. She almost seems like the Wendy Williams of the kitchen (minus the picking of the teeth). Like, I would watch the show just to see what off the wall remark she makes next.

Note: The Naughty Kitchen Premieres tomorrow, Tuesday, September 22nd @ 10pm on the Oxygen Network.



While attending the premiere we were privy to open bar and delicious food. Specifically we were treated to Chef Beck’s famous Creamed Corned, Pulled Pork Biscuits, Sliders, Fruit, and so much more…



They raffled away gift bags and a very nice guy by the name ofΒ  Seth gave me his bag!Β  ((THANK YOU SETH!!!)) πŸ™‚

5In the gift bag I received a Blinged OutΒ  Thumb Drive, Blinged out Ear Phones, An Apron, Lip Chap, and a cool Polka Dot Lunch Bag! πŸ™‚


My Crew!


Eb the Celeb,Β  The Kitty Bradshaw, and CocoaBella


Phaon, CJay, and Daddy Rae Holiday

A special thank you to Aura for granting me access toΒ  attend the event.

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  1. Dope post… soon as I get this video edited mine will be up as well.

    I didn’t realize you took so many pics…lol

    Mine will be a simple vid not all elaborate like the kitty does…lol

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