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Christmas is upon us, and if you are like me you are still trying to figure out what to get for certain people. I don’t actually celebrate Christmas… but I do understand that people need to find an excuse to buy/receive presents for their loved ones once a year so I begrudgingly do it for a very select few, three people to be exact!

No on the flip side, I am probably the most difficult to buy for due to the fact that when I feel I need or want something I buy it in that moment. Lucky for anyone wanting to buy me a gift this Christmas; I just discovered recently that I want a Gold Bangle. I have one I got from a costume jewelry store, and liked the look of it… so now I want a real one, loll.

Currently, I am over here looking at Ice.com and I found a Gold Bangle that I like. What do you all think about it?

Currently,  Ice.com is offering KittyBradshaw.com readers the opportunity to receive $20 towards your purchase on their site by following this link http://www.ice.com/?sourcecode=FRNDS or using coupon code FRNDS at checkout in order to benefit from this Friends & Family gift. You get $20 to spend on virtually everything in the store + free shipping in time for Christmas. It extends to 12/31/10.

I hope Ice.com helps with your search in finding the perfect gift for those closest to your heart.


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