Blogging Devices: My Opinions on the Sony QX10

Blogging Devices: My Opinions on the Sony QX10

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I recently received the Sony QX10 from Sony through Best Buy to try out and review. I was first introduced to the product at Mom 2.0, and was instantly captivated. The Sony QX10 is basically a mini DSLR, that syncs to you smartphone to produce almost professional grade pictures. The reason why I say almost is due to the fact that it does not have a flash. However, if the room is already naturally lit, you will produce superior pictures. This post is going to walk you through my experiences, and give you a complete unbiased opinion.

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The moment you receive the Sony QX10, you immediately notice the size of it. It is small in size and lightweight. As this applies to the everyday Blogger, I can insert it into my clutch bag, along with my smartphone, house keys, Nars lipstick, ID and be on my way. Honestly, that’s all I really care about aside from does it take great pictures. When making technology purchases, I ask myself how does it improve my online social standing. Since Instagram is the new “It” social network, in order to get ahead one must be able to capture great photos. I do feel as if this device is an asset because of its flat design, it allows you to get close up on your subject. The lens also zooms in and out so you can take epic phots at great distances. So for example, if you were in a crowded room, 100 rows back. An iPhone or Galaxy can take pictures to get you approx. from the 80th row viewpoint without having to enlarge with your fingers. The Sony QX10 can get you approx. to the 30th row viewpoint, which is quite impressive. As this applies to us normal folk, this device will come in handy during outdoor, daytime sporting events, concerts, music fests. Your followers will think you were front row, when you really were still trying to find parking loll, j/k.

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I am not a fan of the app that you download in order to use the Sony QX10. Currently it is very buggy, and at times I had to reboot in order to use. I am not an app developer so I have no suggestions. I am confident that there will be updates for improved usage, so I am not worried about long term issues.



The retail price on the Sony QX10 is $249.99, but can currently be found on sale at Best Buy for $199. The lens comes in two colors, black and white. Side Note: If you purchase the Sony QZ10 through Best Buy in white, you get a free case.



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