On Thursday, November 3, The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park celebrated their 10th season opening. Invited media were treated to drinks at Celsius, great views of Citi Pond (now in it’s 7th season) and gift bags from Molton Brown and Sabon–two of the 120 shops. According to Frank DiPrisco, producer of the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park, about 35 of the shops this season feature new vendors adding to the diversity of products, goods and services available to shoppers. Attendees of the opening were also treated to complimentary bites from participating shops during the event. Now, things get delicious…




Kettle Corn NYC


Ken lured me over with the offer of freshly-popped, sweet and salty kettle corn. 16 flavors include Caramel, Chocolate, Cheddar, Sour Cream N’Chives and Spicy Ranch. Located by the fountain in Bryant Park, Kettle Corn NYC is “popping delicious!”




Crepe Café


On the other side of the fountain, stands the Crepe Café. They offer an extensive menu of choices, including  the staples; strawberry, chocolate, nutella. Add as much, or as little powdered sugar as you’d like. There was powdered sugar on my jeans at the end of the evening (just to give you an idea).




Wafels & Dinges


I followed up crepes with wafels; crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside wafels. Sonya prepared three wafels for me –liège wafel, deThrowndown wafel and deBacon+syrup wafel. Bacon in your wafel, topped with syrup, is where it’s at. deThrowdown wafel is topped with their spekuloos & whipped cream. I’ve been a slave to nutella on previous visits to Wafels & Dinges but it’s got some serious competition in spekuloos.




Pickle Me Pete


This one-man operation, run by Peter Starr, is home of small and large cucumbers shriveled to jaw-puckering crunchiness. I had the small Super Spicy pickle. As a lover of spicy…anything, that hit the spot.  Pickle Me Pete also offers an even spicier pickle, the Ridiculously Spicy, for anyone adventurous enough to try it. Also available: pickled tomatoes!






Diggity Diggity Dog

Pickles can also be found on hot dog creations at Diggity Dog (same owner as Crepe Café). Take a tour of the USA through their menu… including  The California, The Chicago and The Yellow Cab for NYC. I had the Ms. Sunshine (to match my sunny disposition and my mango obsession)–hot dog topped with mango-peach salsa and cucumber (pickled, not fresh). I usually like my hot dogs charred, with grill marks and I think that would compliment the toppings better, but the Ms. Sunshine still made me smile.









Blog Holiday Shops: Bryant Park 2011

Holiday Shops: Bryant Park 2011

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  2. Hi, this market looks so cozy and festive! I've never tried Kettle corn but it looks and sounds exciting. Oh, and the sweets! How can you choose among all those delicious titbits? I usually enjoy those big Crepes they sell at markets, but sometimes they don't bake them long enough and the crepes feel a bit mushy and heavy. Waffles are safer in this respect, and easier to hold as well. 🙂 I hope you ad fun and will keep us updated about your festive shopping sprees!
    Hugs, Flora

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