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So when I told all the techies that I had the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, everyone’s reaction was pretty much the same… “The Device is HUGE!!!!”.  Honestly, it is, but you get use to it.  It wasn’t so big that it made it impossible for me to function.  As a blogger, the size of the device came in handy for me.  I got to the point where I stopped looking at it as a phone, and grew to respect it as an all-in-one mini tablet.  While using the device I found myself leaving my other gadgets at home such as my DSLR, and my tablet.  I actually have more than one smartphone in use; both devices being Samsung.  I proverbially started ignoring my wife unit for the mistress device, lolll.

The first Samsung Galaxy Note 3 feature that I would like to highlight is that I can use the S Pen to write notes, and draw.  This device is like a virtual pen and pad.  I guess one could look at this device as a way to go green.  The size is perfect in the sense that it’s big enough to take notes and actually read them, where other devices you would have to struggle and squint at the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Every device that comes out becomes faster and faster… so with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 being the newest kid on the block, it would by default be the fastest.  I quickly breezed through various websites and had multiple window’s open while toggling through apps.  The device never once slowed down, or drained my battery.  Speaking of which, in my mind the battery lasted a lifetime bka over 24 hours.  With minimal use, I was able to go about a day and a half.

My next point is how light the device is.  Ok… Samsung went against the grain here with making the device bigger and lighter.  I also own the Samsung Galaxy S4, and it is smaller and heavier.  If you are in the entertainment industry…. mainly a blogger, the weight on our shoulders starts to add up with all of the devices we have to carry around.  Don’t even get me started on press junkets when you have to carry a laptop while traveling from location to location.  The weight of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was hardly a thought.  Now from a women’s perspective, the device was super easy to find at the bottom of my handbag.  Nothing blows harder than having to dig around at the bottom of your purse for your phone.  Also, as an added bonus when you find your phone in your purse, you can take it off sleep mode and use the “extra bright” light to find your lipstick in the dark.  THEN!!!!! you can turn the phone on and apply your make-up in “selfie mode”.

The same rule applies to the picture quality.  With each new phone, the picture quality gets better and better.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera quality DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!!! The S4 is good, and I still use it… but the Note 3 is on DSLR level quality. Additionally, the video quality is on point.

In regards to the phone feature… there were no dropped calls or bad reception.  I don’t think that has anything to do with the device itself…. but more about your carrier and area.  I live in New York and I had no issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  I use both Sprint and AT&T…. don’t ask, lolll.

In conclusion, buy Android and leave the fruit companies alone.  Samsung is the current “it girl”, and I am happy to be using 3 of their devices.  I absolutely have no complaints what so ever.  I especially recommend this phone for the Bloggers in your life when making purchases as gifts.






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