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Day three offers us the incredibly tasteful duo of Brian Wolk, and Claude Morais with their line Ruffian. The show began promptly at its scheduled time, a rough 9am (so not a morning person). Little use of creative lighting kept the show to a mature vibe, which carried over into the collection consisting of neat design. An anxious Rose McGowan sat patiently in the front row, as the lights brightened for the first piece.

Ruffian turned to the sports aesthetic this year, as their collection resembled the fitting of a country jockey. The incredible twist was the colors, and fabric mixtures used to produce the look. The inspiration of the collection was very clear, after each piece began to exuberate the jockey jersey guise. Although the duo’s work came across “sporty”, my mind changed quickly, once the yellow racer-back chiffon dress made its way down the runway. Once I became settled with the idea of jockey jersey’s meeting chic, I was greeted by swimwear. The onset of swimwear totally threw me off guard, but I regained composure enough to notice the detailed two-tone color ways, that found their way through the front of the swimwear. After welcoming the concept of high-end fashion becoming part of athletic wear, I basked at the joy the collection produced as it reminded me of my Fashion Institute of Technology Museum visit of the  “Sporting Life” exhibition (shameless plug).

The duo definitely raised the creative bar this year, as they were able to use their great-bespoke skills, to create great ready-to-wear pieces. From Nicole Miller’s turn to biker wear for her spring collection, to the Ruffian collection allowing the everyday woman to channel Julie Krone or Natalie Coughlin on her walk through the day. One thing is for sure, the use of athleticism, as a muse for exceptional clothing design, will remain a staple in the book of high fashion.


Anthony Thomas is the Creative Director for WeBleedFlashion a men’s sartorial line aimed in motivating the African American youth of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn NY and future generations.

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