Real Housewives of Atlanta: “Press Down and Strip Bare” S5, Ep9 #rhoa


Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching episode 9 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all…


1. Opening Scene: I love Nene’s sun glasses.

2. Turkey Baster?  Really Nene? lollll let’s be real…  A Turkey Baster don’t want to commit to Kenya either.

3. WOW @ Portia’s home!!!!!! Damn…. clearly she made Kenya’s house look like Chateau Sheree #rhoa

4. Phaedra should know better to keep desperate women at a distance… away from her husband.

5. Who sent Peter that text…. Gossip Girl?   Dan is reaching out to the Husbands of Atlanta? My gossip doesn’t come to my phone and I am a Blogger lollll #rhoa

6. Awwww….  Bravo creates fake blog post, to stir up fake drama on the show.

7. This fake Blog Divorce Plot is a FAIL since 1. It came out of no where, and 2. Phaedra is 6 months pregnant.

8. Dear Walter:  You in your work shirt is giving me LIFE!  Go ahead and brand Brand BRAND, now count those coins!  lolllll #rhoa

9. Oh ok Kenya… so just so Walter has never been abused by a man, it is ok for you to yell and scream at him…. but he can’t get angry at you for trying to railroad him?

10. UMMMM *scratches my head* Kenya…. are you still begging this man after the trip?  The writing is on the wall… READ THE WRITING!!! #rhoa

11.  No one who is allegedly as successful as Kenya Moore likes to remind us everyone single episode, should be this desperate.  Kenya is clawing for Walter like he is the last butter roll on the dinner table.

12. I don’t care if Walter said he loves Kenya (love, not in love)…. the penalty flag get’s dropped on the field every time Walter shows up to film a scene in his work clothes loll.

13. UMMM Pastor Pollard condones unwed couples moving in together after 6 months?  Oh ok…. just wondering lolll *reads Bible* #rhoa #imjustsaying

14. UMMMM this is not the King of Diamonds…well at least we know what happens to strippers over the age of 30 #rhoa

15. Dear Apollo: are we really having this discussion with all these saggy tiddies and cellulite in the back drop lollll #rhoa

16.  Apollo is only 32?  And he was in jail for 6 years?  Hmmmm… oh nothing, I was just doing the math, loll.  So at what point did he get to live out his youth? lolll

17. Dear Peter: UMMM Is this appropriate conversation for the light of day?  I don’t wanna hear about Apollo dropping the soap in the shower #rhoa

18. When did Peter become so messy?  lolll

19. Kenya needs to lead by example in regards to being a mature individual.  Maybe this is why she is not able to land a man.  Marriage and becoming a parent involves a great deal of maturity.

20. UMMM ok so I am over this Kenya/ Walter situation.  It has been drawn out long enough, and it is time to put a pin in it!


  1. barb brown says

    Firstly these girls on RHOA need to learn how to use the correct pronunciation of words & to use them in the right context. Like Portia saying she was still ‘preturd’ instead of ‘preturbed’ at Cynthia…lmao! Secondly, if i hear 1 more time that the Kenya was Miss USA, what 20yrs ago…who cares! Ive never seen u in my life & big deal. Especially since u are such a conceited(for what?), mean spirited, jealous, lunatic. Please maybe u should try & judge pageants or something as we are sick of u!

  2. barb brown says

    I forgot to add that I love RHOA more thamn any of the RH shows. I find them so funny & entertaining! Nene I love ya. Kim love ya & miss u! Love u Candy & Phaedra too! Thanks for entertaining us all!

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