Real Housewives of Atlanta: “Call Me Miss USA”: S5, Ep3


Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching episode 3 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all 🙂


1. Was Nene and Gregg getting a divorce just for show?

2. Gregg’s feet scared me.

3. Lawrence’s Louis V belt is EVERYTHING!

4. I like Apollo and Phaedra together… they are a match made in Ratchet.  In my mind these 2 and Stevie J and Jose go on double dates together.

5. UMMMM I am so confused is Atlanta the only city in Georgia.  Can Kim not go look in other cities?! #rhoa

6. I am exhausted from this Kim being homeless situation.

7. I wonder if Kenya Moore gets a bonus check for being a bitch.  For some reason this attitude of her is not authentic.  She is a bad actress.

8. *thinkin* What is the definition of a celebrity? #rhoa

9. Hey there Portia Williams Stewart!

10. UMM are the characters on Single Ladies loosely based around Portia’s life?

11. I like Cynthia’s glasses.

12. Success party?!  I thought the party wasn’t about Nene, loll.

13.  Why would Nene expect Kim to stay and be happy for her?! loll

14. Why does Khandi have her old aunt doing all the work?

15. Eccentric and Crazy…. hmmm interesting, lolll.

16. Speak it into the Universe… Love, Commitment, Marriage, Babies!

17. I am so confused… wait does Cordell have a single  brother?

18. UMMM I am not sure who to side with on the argument between Miss Detroit and Portia.  Chileeee let me just stay out of it.

19. Is Miss Lawrence a man or a woman?  Like how do we classify at an all woman’s event?  Like… when Miss Lawrence goes into a public bather does he go tot he boys or girls room?  Long story shirt Kenya was disrespectful on that point.

20.  Why did Cordell shower is wife with personal gifts during a charity event?

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