Restaurant Report Cards

Back in 1997, Los Angeles starting giving its restaurants report cards based on a points system.  Instead of sending it to the owner’s parents, the restaurant has to post the grades on their front window.  Fast forward to 2010, New York is going to adopt the same plan.  Starting in July, New York City restaurants will bare their souls in the form of grades A, B, C, or F.

A- The letter A means you scored 90-100 points on your inspection and can expect to see The Kitty Bradshaw as a customer.  It also means that in the event that there are no available seating, customers can eat of off your floor because you are that clean.

B- You have scored 80-90 points.  This means you have storage issues, and previously served food is being re-served to new customers.  Ummm, yea so The Kitty Bradshaw will not be dipping back to your spot unless I can watch my food be made.

C- So that means you scored 70-79 points.  This means you have a roach problem, employees don’t wash their hands, and the bugs sometimes assist the chef in the kitchen with chopping and grading.

F- Congratulations… you have scored 0-69 points and your business is now shut down.  Do not pass go, go straight to the unemployment line!

I think this is a great system.  The grading system makes me feel that much more secure knowing that the restaurants that I patronize and abiding to health department standards.  If a restaurant scores low, they lose business.  If a restaurant scores high, they gain business.  It’s as simple as that.  It’s now time for restaurants to put on their game face.


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