Real Housewives of Atlanta: S5, Ep15 #rhoa

Real Housewives of Atlanta: S5, Ep15 #rhoa


Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching episode 15 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all…

1. Cynthia shouldn’t have shaded Portia then brought Kenya on to be apart of the event.  Thats not right.

2. UMMM Cordell does not read “straight” to me.  Sorry, I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but NO!

3. Ohhhh poor Jaiden.

4. I want Chef Roble to come cook for me… in the nude, loll.  j/k

5. loll @ “street jargon”  Phaedra knows all about laying low in the streets, lolll.

6. I am not here for any of Kandi’s gospel music… I am not saying that because of the sex toys lolll

7. Did Boris really show up in Jeans and sneakers? lollll

8. Did Cynthia really hire this staff off of Craigslist?! lolll

9.  The kids are soooooo cute!

10. Boris in jeans is KILLING ME!!!! lolll

11.  I am happy that Kenya has a better attitude this episode.

12. Dear Porscha: I love dresses that sparkle as well!!!!! YESSSS!!!

13. They should have had a musical guest while the ballots were being counted.

14. Did they not do a rehearsal prior to the event?

15. AGAIN! Boris… how did you think it was ok to dress casual for a hosting gig?

16. Dear Miss Renaissance: Please contain yourself!  No ugly crying when you accept your tiara.

17. It’s good that all of the ladies came out to support Cynthia.

18. UMMMM So this episode was the Cynthia Episode and we now know for sure that Cynthia could not pull off her own spin off.  She is not that interesting.

19.  I really thought Phaedra was going to throw shade…. but I was WRONG!

20. This episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta was boring.  I have nothing more to add, loll.












  1. says

    LOL, Cynthia throwing shade at anyone makes no sense. It was a boring episode. Also, Cynthia can’t successfully do a pageant either. There were too many mistakes that could have easily been avoided. Who messes up the script and only notices 2 seconds before starting time?

  2. says

    I haven’t seen this episode yet. It was a crazy weekend around here, but I’m dying to see it specifically for Boris. Jeans, black tie…I don’t care. That man is fiiiiiiiiiiine! Yes, I’m still living in 1992. lol Anyway, I’m a huge Housewife fan and loved your take on the latest episode. Hope you’re doing well, Kitty!

  3. juliet says

    this used to be my show. the kids ARE adorable. i hated most of the adults on the show, sometimes i’d mostly watch if i knew the kids were gonna be featured in the episodes.

  4. says

    lmaooo at you going for Boris, he looked a hot mess to be hosting & it showed that he did not take Cynthia’s event seriously & probably because of the way she delivered it to him (which we did not see) but I have always felt that folks take you as serious as you take you! (I’m all deep at 2:21 am, lol

  5. Ashlee says

    I was watching this with my uncle, LOL best commentary to date. Seems like Boris’s attire annoyed everyone lol

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