Real Housewives of Atlanta: S5, Ep6


Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching episode 6 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all 🙂

Note: I missed last week’s episode… don’t judge  me lolll

1. Kim is EXTRA.  Someone on Twitter said she dropped the N-bomb.  I didn’t catch it, but I hope it isn’t true.

2. I hate that Bravo edited out most of the argument.  It makes no sense why Kim got up and stormed out.

3. Kandi’s mama is always dropping knowledge.

4. That is strange that Portia’s husband didn’t show up on a “double date”.

5. I dunno…. I actually like Nene’s hair.  Everyone always says her hair is a mess… I like it.

6. Dear Gawd…. please don’t ever let me be this thirsty for a husband!

7. This is what you get when you invite yourself on a trip in regards to Kenya and not getting the room that she wants.

8. lolll @ Phaedra and her barely there dress… smh.  I ain’t mad her lolll

9. Kenya’s problem is she has no boundaries.  She has no concept of them.

10. Well I am a respectable California Orange (lolllll) and “Miss” Kenya Moore would have caught a beat down acting inappropriately a/r my husband

11. *Note to self: Don’t get caught on video camera, rambling drunk, while on vacation with friends… Nene flickering her tongue at the camera… Lawd lolll

12.  A lot of girls don’t understand the importance of not bringing your single friends around your husband. Kenya has never been married, no kids… she is not equally yoked for this group.

13.  Why is Kandi not pulling Kenya to the side since she is the one who invited Kenya on the trip.  The person you bring along is the person you are responsible for.

14. On second thought… Phaedra diminished herself, by coming out in that outfit.  It showed that she felt threatened.  She shouldn’t have stooped down to Kenya’s level…. she should have bought Kenya up to speed on how to conduct herself around another woman’s husband.

15.  I am really happy that Cynthia and Peter are in a good place.  I am really pulling for them.

16.  Hmmm I think it’s a little soon for Kandi to meet, move in with a man, and bring him around your daughter within one years time.  If those two clicked so much he would have asked her to marry him.  That would be the honorable thing to do.  This is why she doesn’t want to talk to her mom about her relationships.

17. Why did Kroy spend so much time fighting with the camera crew when he could have just got in his Range and drove off into the sunset.

18. At the top of the hour when Peter, Cynthia, Portia and her husband were supposed to go on a double date…. Portia should have called ahead of time to say he could not make it.  That was a little awkward.

19.  I just really dislike Kim for not taking any responsibility in the demise of her friendships.

20.  UMMMM let’s be all the way real here…. no one likes Kenya.  She might go down as the most hated housewife in history.




  1. Dr.Zee says

    Chiiillle coachella cheese where must I start!!.

    Kim: why is she even on this damn show?? Like she’s in too scenes then cut & edit..I’m glad she’s gone

    Nene: why are u begging Missy Anne (Kim) to stay??? Always tryna eat white only pies lol…as for her hair cute cute & more cute…if she would’ve kept that damn Hulk Hogan on the season opener I would’ve fainted…why must she remind us she was a tired old stripper @ Iguana’s??

    Kenya: beautiful but ever so shiny..did her & the makeup artist have a falling out..STAY THIRSTY MY FRIEND..her so called boyfriend does not want her so why keep trying..why is she on

    Kandi: her boo was the assistant producer to the show so I guess that’s the reason for the rush..hell idk..he don’t seem in straight loll…why she look so easy on the trip?? Hair was tired & she was tired loll

    Phaedra:: if u don’t snatch a hoe I will..kenya playing too many times with yo hubby..she gone catch yo fade loll…I ain’t mad u had ya monkey bread buns out…do it Bish!

    Cynthia::. I just happy ur hair looks better..cuz normally ya weave pushed back like the editor of essence

    Portia:: u just happy to be on tv loll

    Kandi mama::can I say something?? Lol

    Either its me or the writers but RHOA script is DRY like an 80s s-curl

  2. Kristy says


    J/K! SMH @ Kenya and her being so parched. Beyond thirsty. Good riddance to Kim and I won’t be watching any sympathy spin off Bravo has offered up. I’m just amazed Kroy can eat/sleep/sh*t at the townhouse Big Poppa paid for and furnished. I’m not sure what purpose Porsha is serving. Peter was getting his geritol rocks off humping Kenya. Cynthia can’t say nothing she got Her baby daddy laid up in the guest room. @Kitty my sentiments exactly on Kandi’s man. Too soon. Too soon.

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