New York Fashion Week F/W 2012: Rachel Roy Presentation

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Packed with celebrity sightings, the buzzing sound of multiple conversations being held and the consistent photography shutter effect, the Rachel Roy F/W 2012 Presentation was definitely a spectacle to say the least.  After snapping a couple of photos of the models and Rachel Roy’s beautiful presence, I reminded myself I was there to work and not drool…it was so hard not too. The Alice Tully Hall was filled to capacity, but my Iphone and I were able to take note of Roy’s elaborate collection.

The collection was colorful and patterned extensively highlighting Roy’s knack in creating bold pieces. While some models were adorned with large felt hats the rest were placed in sets of five, cohesively according to the color and pattern group within the collection. With precise tailoring and bold texture selections  such as tweed and leather, the collection presented a great sense of diversity and volatility that Rachel is known for. Truly more than eye pleasing, as the choice of colors were so vibrant the colors almost seemed over-saturated, ranging from sapphire to icy teal. One of my favorite pieces consisted of a silk-screened print blouse, with ¾ arm length and a hemmed bottom, which matched the same color palette as the arms, an even pasture green. Phenomenal!

Rachel Roy’s F/W 2012 collection was very satisfying. I enjoyed the color selection, the tailoring and the versatility. The atmosphere was great as well, as you were able to mingle with Coco Rocha, while snapping a photo of Angela Simmons. The presentation was an excellent, early morning social event. I wish you could have been there…but you can live vicariously through me with these photos. Enjoy!


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