R.I.P. my beloved, Gossip Girl! #gossipgirl

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Gossip Girl Season 6


Hey House Cats-

As I write this eulogy, I am overwhelmed with emotion.  It has been exactly 24 hours since the popular CW series paid it’s final adieu to the fashionable elite, mean girls, and headband aficionados. Dearest Gossip Girl… we loved you!  For most of us, there was a small piece of us in each character that we related to during various points of our lives.  Even Georgina’s scheming weaved it’s way into our hearts.  She was like a dysfunctional family members that we wish we weren’t related to, but accepted unconditionally.


Blair Waldorf was my favorite character on Gossip Girl.  She was a girl who dreamed.  Yes, I am sugaring over all over her transgressions… she was not perfect, but she was always fashionable and had it all.


Serena Van Der Woodsen…. the heaux with a heart.  Her vagina had no mystery…. but we loved her because if put in her shoes, we would have slept with Nate Archibald and Dan Humphrey, lolll.  She had her pick of the litter, bottomless bank account, and private jet to boot.



Blair and Serena: Two fabulous best friends.  We all went through the ups and downs with them.  When they fought, the fans took sides.  One thing is for sure…. nothing was right until they made up.  It was always better to be friends, than enemies.  They were sorta like Paris and Nicole…. but remained friends.


Lily Van Der Woodsen… the anti-MOM.  She caused more trouble with her good intentions then the law allowed.  She made having an ankle bracelet trendy.  When I met her in person during Fashion Week S/S 2012, I referred to her as my mom, lolll.


Chuck and Blair:  Cinderella and Prince Charming they are not…. but they gave us hope in our own personal dysfunctional relationships.  Unfortunately in the real world those types of relationships often don’t pan out.  However, through Gossip Girl we were able to dream.  My only grips was that the wedding was rushed!

Where The Vile Things Are

Dan and Serena: Hmmm… I am not sure if I was ever a fan of this couple.  Once Dan slept with dirty Vanessa, he was damaged goods in my book, lolll.


Dan as Gossip Girl:  Hmmm… I guess it made sense, but personally I never gave it much thought.  I always thought that Kristin Bell would come out of a secret attack somewhere and make a fabulous appearance.  I am glad they included her in the flesh on the final episode.

Nate: I hate he ended the series single. Elizabeth Hurley should have made a return.

Rufus Humphrey: Who did he end up with?!  I guess he couldn’t have ended up with Lilly since Dan and Serena got married.

Jack Bass and Georgina Sparks: They would have made the perfect couple.  Georgina was bored in her marriage anyway…. they should have wrote in a divorce in the script.

Taylor Momsen

Awww Little J: Yes, that her complete name “Awww Little J” lolll.  We missed those dark raccoon eyes of hers.



Georgina’s baby:  Did she eat him? loll

New York, I Love You XOXO

Juliet: I sorta missed her… although it was a relief to see her stop trying to ruin Serena’s life.


Well this concludes my final thoughts and feelings… I am going to go cry in my cocktail.  I refuse to delete the final episode off of my DVR… too painful to let go.  Farewell, my dearest Gossip Girl. 🙁



All Photos: The CW — © 2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. my beloved, Gossip Girl! #gossipgirl

  1. GOSSIP GIRL used to be my show, until my world became just too busy to compete with having time to watch TV. It was great reading about what happened to the characters in your recap. I enjoyed the style of the characters the most. I’ll have to tune into the last season on Netflix once it arrives. Awww…so bitter sweet. RIP Gossip Girl.

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