Welcome to the world of Kitty Bradshaw!  It all started back in 1978 in a small town called Compton, California.  I was born on a small farm where we raised llamas and kimono dragons.  My father, Prince Roger Nelson, guided me through subliminal messages found in dialogue presented through the cinematic classic, “Purple Rain.”  Although I never had the opportunity to meet my dad, his presence was felt whenever one of his songs came on the radio.  My career in writing began with me creating greeting cards for friends and family.  Shortly after, the internet was born and I began moderating for college message boards which included sparking engagement through the creation of forum topics. This is around the time I discovered sex and eventually took a break from developing my gift of storytelling to pursue a relationship with my now my ex-boyfriend.  At some point, I cheated on him and decided that instead of repeatedly asking for forgiveness I should express self-reflection and honesty through poetry and short stories.  The lesson I learned from this is that my work should never take the backseat to any love interest and that two Scorpios should never date!

In 2000, I met my one true love, New York City.  She molested every creative bone in my body—I was caught up in the rapture of her love!  I couldn’t be without her. She was the subject of every dream, conversation, vision, and fantasy.  I spent a lot of money traveling from Los Angeles to NYC just so I could smell her rotten air.  Eventually, I moved to the east coast and thus began this amazing writing career.  The blogging boom gripped the nation around 2005. I too became a digital influencer to network and earn a few coins through ad campaigns.  The persona Kitty Bradshaw was born—my alter ego.

On June 9, 2008, I started a blogsite after my namesake covering New York Lifestyle exclusively.   My blog was meant to be small, and obscure.  That plan went out the window as soon as I was signed on to become a GAP Brand Ambassador in 2009.  Many assume my degree is in Journalism because of my many achievements, but my actual degree in Business Administration.  I treated my personal site as a storefront business which included creating a business plan and studying the successful paths of industry giants like Necole Bitchie.  Following that model helped me secure contracts with the Gap, Toyota, Best Buy, General Motors, Cabot Cheese, and Hilton Worldwide.  Additionally, I was a member of the Wendy Williams social media team that created content and show recaps for her stint on Dancing with the Stars. I also worked with the Dr. Phil Show during season 13 of his talk show working with producers to generate social media commentary to be featured on the show.  Lastly, I have worked with numerous brands to host a wide variety of events which include product, campaign, contest launches as well as focus groups. A few of my most memorable hosting gigs include the McDonald’s Flavor Battle Competition, Johnson & Johnson Girl Talk Campaign, and the Best Buy in-store Blogger Meet-n-Greet.  As do all things in life, the site evolved, relocated, redesigned, burned down, resurrected…. and now we’re here chipping away at first-person perspective bios.

Currently, I am a highly evolved version of my former self currently pursuing my dream of becoming an author.  While I figure out what direction I am going in with my books, I pay the bills by working as a freelance travel writer.  My work can be seen in Black Enterprise Magazine and YRB Magazine.  I also provide social commentary; you can find me sounding off from time to time on and The New York Times (print).


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Kitty Bradshaw is an Online Influencer turned Freelance Travel Writer. Upon moving to New York in 2007, she created a new, local blog called  After a brief absence Bradshaw realized that it was time to pursue new challenges, one of which being discovering travel. She officially retired the site in 2016. 

A Passionate Traveler, Brand Ambassador, and Lifestyle Influencer that currently splits residences between New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. When Bradshaw is not busy traveling, stalking airfare glitches, giving commentary on and most recently The New York Times, or watching classic films – you can find her on the beaches of Waikiki hanging out with friends.  Some of her more memorable trips can be found through the digital pages of Tourist Meets Traveler, Black Enterprise Magazine, and YRB Magazine to name a few.

Kitty Bradshaw’s motto is, “If you love it, live it.”  Her adventures have taken her to locals such as Paris, Italy, Mexico, Poland, and of course Hawaii.