PORCAO: Orgasm In A Cup served…

The Best $50.90 ever spent PORCAO Brazilian Restaurant?

On May 26, I went on a date to PORCAO. Words can’t explain what my taste buds want to express. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant that arouses all of your senses and makes your toes twinkle, then you can only begin to imagine my experience at PORCAO. From the moment you walk in the door you are catered to. The lead waiter comes over and introduces himself and finds out what type of service you would like and from that point on the most stressful thing you have to do is flip your coin over to signify if you want to continue to be served or not.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant during summer months for the simple fact its comfort food and you know that type of food sticks to the ribs. I suggest spring, fall winter months. They feed you so much you barely want to move. I highly recommend taking a few laps around the block after exiting the restaurant just to burn the food off.

Lastly, If you go you must have the “Passion Fruit Mousse” bka “Orgasm In A Cup”. *sighs* My lips wrapped around that spoon like it was a life or death situation. The Passion Fruit Mousse became more interesting than my date…smh sad but true lolll. I lost interest in my date like a fat girl at a weight watchers meeting who see’s the Crispy Creme truck roll by lmaooooo!

PORCAO was soooo damn good I haven’t been back since. Anything that damn good… you need to stay away from. Smh… yall please go to PORCAO’s and taste the “Orgasm In A Cup!”

Porc√£o NYC
360 Park Av. South
at 26th Street

From USA: (212) 252 7080


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