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Truly Relaxed and Truly Natural – Two collections From Pantene for healthier hair* no matter what your style. *Vs. non-conditioning shampoo


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So I had the opportunity to work with Pantene through Glam Media to try out and review the Pantene truly Relaxed Hair Products.  Now, please keep in mind…. I am not a professional stylist, so this review will be strictly from your everyday consumer’s perspective.  I am not someone who spends a lot of time looking at ingredients.  My stance is… if it works, I will use it and if it doesn’t I will leave it alone.

Pantene’s products created for relaxed hair was the perfect incentive to get me to try.  I am anti-Natural Hair.  I am someone who enjoys my hair in the relaxed state.  Despite popular belief, I do not apply a lot of heat on my hair..  I think I use the flatirons maybe once a week.  Due to the fact that I wear my hair in that state… I spend a lot of time in the shop getting my hair deep conditioned.  My hair needs a lot of moisture!  Pantene created products that provide just enough moisture without weighing you hair down.

The first Pantene truly Relaxed product that I tried was the Light Moisture Shampoo.  The first step was to test it out on my fingers as I do with any product I am trying for the first time.  I like to gauge the consistency.  I want to know if its thin, too thick, or just right.  I smell it.  I wash it off my fingers and see what type of film it leaves behind.  Based on that analysis, I decide if I am going to move forward with the product. The Pantene truly Relaxed Light Moisture Shampoo had a medium consistency, and when washed away didn’t leave my fingers dry or sticky.  I felt a light moisture left behind.  Additionally, the scent was very light.   Based off of those findings, I decided to give it a try.  I washed my hair 2-3 times.  The end result proved to match the result of my initial test.  Although, it did it’s job as a shampoo… I am not sure if it stood out amongst it’s competitors.  This was just “ok” for me.

Next, I tried the Pantene truly Relaxed Conditioner.  I repeated the finger test for this one, and my toes started to tingle in a good one.  This conditioner had just the right amount of moisture in it to bring my sometimes dull and dry hair back to life.  I was especially excited to try this one out, and I was not disappointed!!!  The conditioner was my absolute favorite out of the 3 products.  My hair had new life after trying it.  I would definitely both recommend this product, and keep it as a staple in my bathroom for future use.

The 3rd and final product was the Pantene truly Relaxed Oil Creme Moisturizer.  After conducting my test by applying a dab on my fingers and rubbing them together… I was a little concerned about putting this on my hair.  It was a little thick for my liking.  I did test it on my hair VERY SPARINGLY, and the short term result came out good.   However, this is a product that is suggested to be used everyday.  For African American hair- due to the fact that we wash our hair less frequently than other races… I wouldn’t feel comfortable using this everyday due to its heaviness, and the ingredients in it.  The Pantene truly Relaxed Oil Creme Moisturizer would be perfect for other races who wash their hair on an everyday basis.

In conclusion, the final result came out GREAT!!!!  Please, watch the above video and see the various stages and tell me what you think.  The below pictures are the final result  🙂

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Pantene truly Relaxed

Disclosure of compensation:

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Pantene via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Pantene.


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