Real Housewives of Atlanta: Off the Hook S5, Ep10 #rhoa


Below are 20 thoughts that crossed my mind while watching episode 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of these I shared on Twitter. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section, I promise to respond to all…

Real Housewives of Atlanta – Off the Hook

1. Bri’asia?!  UMMMM ok…. lawd help these baby names.  That sounds like a yeast infection.

2.  Does Brison get paid extra to be berated by his mother Nene on TV?

3. Brison is the most dusty creature…. who laid down with him and contracted a Bri’asia?

4. Kandi’s vagina is happy.  Regardless if Riley and Todd got along…. Kandi’s vagina would make that situation work.

5. UMMMM Kandi and Todd have only been dating for 8 months.  They started dating then he moved in.  Riley is the only one in this house who knows math.

6. Why are we having adult conversation with Riley?  Ohhhh because Riley is the only adult in the house.

7. No pre-nup??!!  And yall call Porscha the dumb one…. she is Nene level smart.

8. Porscha is a good addition to the show.  I like her a lot.

9. I don’t think that Nene should had talked about the paternity test on TV.

10. Kenya’s skin.  Is she the Evil Queen or something…. did she miss making her virgin sacrifice for the month?  Her skin is corroding before our eyes.

11. I am so over the whole the Kenya/ Walter storyline

12. I just realized Phaedra’s dad is rarely on the show.

13. Kandi always dress like a hood rat.

14. Kenya Moore does look like a dark skinned Granny Derreon…. her hair is laid like the matriarch of the Knowles family lolll.

15. Apparently Walter is over this situation as well.

16. Damn…. Walter doesn’t even want to go fishing with her let alone get married.

17. OK… nobody wants to be the first to say goodbye.

18. I love how Kenya demands to be treated with respect by Walter…. but FAILS to respect the women around her.

19. I think Kenya needs another go to person for advice…. by law your phone-a-friend should be smart.

20. Should I be alarmed that Nene, Bret, and Brison are all shaped the same way?!


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    Haha, those were reasonable and hilarious observations)) And yes, why nobody cares for the baby’s destiny? What Bri’asia will feel like when in high school?))

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    Hey Demetria here again. I’m posting my comment on my behalf of the Mindless Behaviors Contest. I am the huge fan from New Jersey and really deserve to have my opportunity with the boys! Keep doing what you do Kitty Bradshaw #muchlove !

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