New York: October Breast Cancer Month


According to the New York State Department of Health:

What should people know about breast cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women in New York State.

Each year, about 14,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and about 2,700 women die from the disease in New York State. It is estimated that one in eight women will develop breast cancer sometime during her life.

Men also get breast cancer, but it is very rare. About 150 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in New York State.


Who gets breast cancer?

Breast cancer is more common among older women. The risk for getting breast cancer increases with age. More than three-quarters of women who get breast cancer are over the age of fifty. White women are more likely to get breast cancer than Black women. Also, women with high socioeconomic status (those whose family income is above average) are more likely to get breast cancer. Scientists believe this may be related to having their first child at an older age, fewer pregnancies, diet and possibly other factors shared by women in higher income groups.

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Breast Cancer month is observed during October; and Team Bradshaw will posting articles throughout the month to bring awareness to this disease that is affecting the lives of so many.  I can not stress to you enough how important it is to do perform self examinations as well as get screened by your doctor.  Breast cancer can not be prevented, but with proper screenings we can grab the bull by its horns so to speak and show him who is boss!

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