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Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad2

Hey House Cats-

I received yet another great tech item from my family down at Best Buy.  As a Brand Ambassador, we are supplied with an endless assortment tech items to utilize in our daily lives.  Today’s item is no different; I received the Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad to try out and review on my blog.   The packaging alone was extremely attractive, yet alluring.  This 2-in-1 device arrived in a fortified black on black box.  I could not help but burst with excitement trying to get it open. This is the type of packaging one hopes to receive either on their birthday or Christmas.  My very first impression of this Laptop was…. this is very sleek and sexy, lolll.  Of course you all know that the cosmetic/ visual is 90% of the decision making process.  I know, I know… one could potentially miss out on something great by judging it by it’s cover. Well today, the 10% will be weighed heavily during this post.

Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad

1.  One of the main things that is important to me when purchasing a Laptop is the weight.  Due to the fact that I often carry my laptop around from one assignment to another… I need something that will be as light as a tampon, lolll.  Ok maybe not a tampon, but as close to that as possible.  The Yoga is lighter than the Laptop that I am currently working on.  The Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad clocks in at 3.4 lbs.  At the end of the day, the lighter the better and the almost airy feel on this computer was a positive in my book.  I also like the size of this mode.  It was big enough where I could type and SEE!!!!! without straining my eyes.  Smaller is NOT better!  Thank you, Lenovo!  The monitor comes in at 13″.

2.  Dependability- I didn’t experience any crashing, freezing, or bugs while using this model.  Not much to elaborate on there, lolll.  I hate when items for review operate at 100% efficiency…. that makes it impossible for me to report something juicy and scathing for my readers, lollll.  When comparing the device against the manufacturers specs, it indicates that the battery life is 8 hours.  I will agree with that, however please keep in mind that the more files, data, applications, etc that you add…. that time will decrease.  This is standard with all computers.

Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad4

The coolest feature on the Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad is that the monitor folds back 360° into a tablet.  Now depending on who you ask…. the tablet can be awkward (or not).  Some people like smaller tablets, and others such as myself like them to be larger in size.  The reason why I like larger screens is because I hate squinting down at monitors.  This is the reason why I hate texting.  I was actually quite pleased with the Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad Tablet.  While I played with it in Best Buy, I asked a member of Geek Squad if we could possible use it as a Graphic Tablet and utilize a stylus.  She didn’t know but we both thought it would be cool if the Yoga was capable of it.

Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad1

3. The Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad Tablet runs off of the Windows 8 Pro operating system.  This was the first time for me working on this OS.  I didn’t have enough time with the Laptop to properly review it against this system.  Additionally, I didn’t add any programs to this device… so until I am able to do so I will leave my opinions to fully appreciate.  I will say that I loved the touch screen, and the toggle ability.  Part of me wants to say that one could use this in the kitchen for recipes, but I would be so scared that I would accidentally splatter something on the screen and mess it up.  However, it did look extremely good squatting on the table.  I could see myself in the future helping my kids with their homework as the Lenovo knelled on the table, or my husband and I browsing through pictures trying to pick out a vacation destination on the device.

4.  I must briefly comment on the track pad. I completely weened myself off of the mouse.  Now with that being said… I now know that not all trackpads are created equal.  My current Laptop has the worst trackpad in the history of trackpads, lolll.  With the Lenovo, you can zoom in on the screen by pinching the trackpad. The trackpad on the Lenovo Yoga was so good, I plugged in my old mouse because I didn’t want to get used to it.

Once you’ve had the best, it is a rough fall back down to the bottom”

This is the perfect Laptop for large hands, and weak eyes!!!!  The keyboard was very generous in space.  Note: the keyboard is disabled while the tablet is being used.  I tested this out while using it in my lap.  The keys did feel a little weird against my legs, but I got used to it over time.

Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad3




Well those are all of the points that stood out while reviewing the Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad.  I actually think that this machine is pretty cool.  I am going to be sad returning it.  There are so many possibilities for it… I only wish I had more time to try them all out.



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Note: I am a Best Buy WOLF Brand Ambassador, and am being compensated for this post. All opinions and ideas are my own.


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    Yeah, that sucks you have to return it.
    I had read reviews about the Ideapad and seems like others are enjoying it as well. You’re in a great company. (lol)
    Great review !

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