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NYC Technology: @Klipschaudio Headphones


Hey House Cats-

One of my favorite things to review is headphones.  In order to be a true New Yorker, you must own one solid pair of earphones.  Like… we can not survive without them.  Headphones help us to tune out all of the craziness, while listening to our favorite artist.  Thanks to the Best Buy Wolf team, I had the opportunity to review the Klipsch Headphones.  Now one thing I must say, the mic was defective on the headphones that I received…. but I think that you will be surprised at what I found out while reviewing.


  Klipsch has been building premium speakers since 1946. When Paul W. Klipsch—one of America’s most celebrated audio pioneers and Engineering and Science Hall of Fame inductee—founded Klipsch & Associates, he was hand-building every speaker inside a tin shed in Hope, Arkansas.”




  Klipsch – Image S4 Earbud Headphones: Enjoy your favorite tunes in private by using these earbud headphones that feature a moving coil driver and tuned bass-reflex woofer system for delivering smooth audio with enhanced bass. The noise-isolating design reduces background noise for crystal-clear sound.”



So now that you all have the background on this product; I can now give you my honest opinions.  I have been fortunate enough to review various headphones from different brands.  *shrugs* I think of myself as an authority at this point, loll.  In all honesty, Klipsch produced the best sound I have come across on a pair of headphones.  If you all read past headphone reviews, you know that I don’t just co-sign items because they were given to me for free.  I honestly feel it is my duty to be honest, so that these brands can go out and improve their products.  My Klipsch headphones were AMAZING!

I base my opinion off of the hardest test known to headphones… the New York Subway System.  I tried my headphones out as I was traveling back and fourth during Fashion Week.  I was so stressed out during that time… my music was my only escape.  Well, you can’t escape if your headphones don’t cancel out all of the outside NYC craziness.  Not only did these headphones do just that… the quality of the sound stood up against most of Klipsch’s competitors.

Another important factor when deciding what headphones to purchase is if the cord tangles or not.  So… I am someone who carries a big purse and am always digging at the bottom for random items.  Needless to say my Klipsch Headphones never became tangled.  This is a major plus.

*thinkin* I am so surprised that I am praising the sound despite the fact that I received a defective pair of earbuds.  As I stated before, the mic was not working.  I don’t blame the brand… there is always one bad apple in the bunch.  Team Best Buy told me that they would send me another pair, so I will patiently wait for their arrival.  In the meantime… unfortunately I can’t give these earphones a rating.  However, if the quality of the mic is comparable to the actual sound quality… I am in for a real treat.




You can purchase the Klipsch – Image S4 Earbud Headphones at your local Best Buy store or on



The reviewer has received compensation for this post in the form of the reviewed product or a gift card.

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  1. Ashlee says:

    I am also a big audio feen myself. The slightest thing off about the audio irks me. However, in regards to how well they stay in , would that sway your recommendation? I’m looking for a good pair of in ears for the gym that hold primarily well with running and brisk walking

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