NYC Life: Pre-Birthday Style Inspiration

 NOTE: This is a Vision Board of sorts.  I am trying to work out the details of my birthday in my head. 


Hey House Cats-

As most of you know, I will be celebrating my birthday in a little over a week (God willing).  I am leaving it to my friends to plan the festivities. The various groups have something special planned out for me.  Currently, I have 3 days worth of events to dress for.  The first play date is with my friend Nisha.  She instructed me to wear something type hoochie, lolll.  I normally dress conservative….BUT! in the spirit of not disappointing, I decided to go with the below dress.  Nisha doesn’t know that I plan on tacking it a bit in the front.  I don’t want my boobs accidentally spilling out on the dance floor lolll.




Day of: Ok here is the dress that I am going to wear on my actual birthday.  I know that it is really conservative… but *shrugs* that’s my style.  I promise I will accessorize for the Gawds!!!  Plus I have some awesome shoes, courtesy of Nordstroms and Macy’s.  The dress is actually quite short which allows me to show off my legs.  Lipstick shade: Hot Pink!


I am still on the fence about the shoes.  These are just a few pairs lying around my living room.  There is actually a 3rd dress that I have to round out 3 days worth of events.  I will be sure to take pictures in all of my outfits.


Let Them Eat Cake: This will be the first time in life I have something other than an actual birthday cake.  I am not really a fan of cupcakes on birthday but *shrugs* in the spirit of change let’s try something new.  My next style inspiration came from and  I am absolutely in love with cupcakes tiaras.  I ordered the Tiaras from Party City.  The only thing I can’t decide is if I want the tiaras on the top or in the front.  See pictures of the below examples.

What do you all think?  Top or in front?


Well that is all I have so far.  I will come back and make a post-Birthday Recap with lots and lots of pictures.  Oh one detail I left out is the bakery details.  My current favorite Baker is:

Call 347-413-5279


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