NYC 12/11/12: A Night with Jass Recap

NYC 12/11/12: A Night with Jass Recap



Last night in NYC, I had the pleasure of attending the “A Night with Jass” event debuting celebrity stylist Janel Smith’s new Jass Product line.  Currently, there are a total of 8 products which include:


Jass Product Line

JASS Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo

JASS Deep Treatment

JASS Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler

JASS Keratin Shampoo

JASS Keratin Conditioner

JASS Keratin Smooth Remedy Serum

JASS Shinning “Lite” Spray

JASS Say “Freeze” Hairspray


Janel also sells hair in her salon…



As I stated in the video, I got to try out a few of the products while at the salon.  They curled my hair for the GAWDS!!!!! lolll

Side Note: My friend Zillz said I was stroking my hair in the video like a Kitty Cat (Dr. Evil, Cee-Lo Green), lolll.

I had a great time during the media event.  I was so impressed with the presentation, I couldn’t wait to start using the products on my own. I wrapped my hair as Raynetta suggested, then in the morning I put the Shinning “lite” Spray and Keratin Smooth Remedy Serum to lay down my Cow-licks.  I was extremely happy that the serum worked.  Below is the address to the salon as well as link to their website.

Cocoa Mane Salon
1185 Rogers Avenue
Brooklyn, NY



My hair in the order that it was curled…. through pictures 🙂


CocoaMane14 CocoaMane13 CocoaMane12 CocoaMane11 CocoaMane10







CocoaMane8 CocoaMane7 CocoaMane6 CocoaMane5













 NYC 12/11/12: A Night with Jass Recap


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