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Homme La Femme
Homme La Femme

New, Cutting Edge Online Luxury Store to Debut This May

Homme La Femme to Focus on Luxurious Footwear and Sunglasses

 Shop Here ====> Home La Femme is an online luxury retail store based out of New York which launched in October 2012. Homme La Femme (HLF) will represent an upscale, luxurious eye for fashion focused on footwear and sunglasses. Fashion columnist Francisco Lopez established HLF in 2011.  HLF will carry contemporary as well as luxury brands that are at the forefront of fashion.  Edgy, upscale, and unique styles will be apart of the HLF brand.

Homme La Femme will feature the following brands this year: Adidas SLVR, Alexander McQueen Puma, Luxe Australia, Aigle Boots, Alessandro, Roberto Cavalli and Roberto Guerrini.  HLF will continue to build upon this collection of amazing companies with other comparable brands.

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Homme La Femme


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