Drink Your Way Through the Holidays with Wild Turkey!

Drink Your Way Through the Holidays with Wild Turkey!


Note:  Only idiots drink and drive.  If you’re an idiot, do not read this post!


Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon3

This post is for those of us who choose to stay home and avoid the holidays, crazy family members, and anything else that wreaks of commercialism.  I am anti-Christmas, holiday anything, and killing myself trying to buy gifts.  I want to hide so far up under a rock during the holiday season, that the dirt under it gets jealous, lolll.  So anyways, with that being said this holiday…. much like all of my other holidays,  will be filled with lots of booze!  Not just any booze… good booze!

One of my favorite cocktails in the whole wide world is the American Honey cocktail, served at the Marriott Marquee in Times Square. Unfortunately, I don’t have the recipe to share with you all.  Wild Turkey PR provided me with two recipes to share with you all.  As previously mentioned, Wild Turkey offers different versions of their popular bourbon.  The newest kid on the block is the Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon.  Whether you are having the classic version, the American Honey, or the Spiced version… you will find that Wild Turkey is the perfect beverage to get you through the holidays (while hiding under a rock lolll)!

Below are a two recipes to help you cope….




Sugar, Wild Turkey Spiced, and Everything Nice


2oz Wild Turkey Spiced

1oz Fresh Red Apple Puree

.75oz Lemon Juice

.75oz Cinnamon Syrup

Shake hard, double strain, and serve up in cocktail glass with apple fan and cinnamon dust

Cinnamon Syrup:

2 cups water

6 smashed cinnamon sticks. Bring to boil. Turn off heat and cover.  Let sit 20 minutes. Stir in 2 cups sugar. Heat to dissolve. Do not boil. Strain. Cool.  Store.


Peach Pot Pie

From Justin August Fairweather of Evelyn


2 oz Wild Turkey Spiced

1 oz canned peach syrup

1 oz sugar

1 oz lemon juice

Grate of cinnamon

1 oz water

½ oz All Spice dram

1 oz Heavy Cream

Shake Wild Turkey Spiced, peach syrup, sugar, lemon juice, and water with no ice and heat until warm. Do not boil.

Whip a small splash All Spice dram into heavy cream. Whip until almost thick. Shake cold.

Spoon whipped cream on top of hot drink and dust with grated cinnamon.



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