NYC Events: Best Buy & Drake Album Release #NWTS


Yesterday in NYC at the Best Buy in NoHo, Drake celebrated the release of his new album by meeting with fans and signing cds.  Over 2000 fans lined up around Broadway and down Bleeker street for the chance to meet the Canadian born rapper.  As a Brand Ambassador for Best Buy, I had exclusive VIP access at the event, and had the chance to witness Drake fans dreams come true by meeting with the rapper and taking pictures.  Something that I thought was both amazing and interesting; Drake took pictures of his fans and posted them on his Instagram timeline along with their names.  Within seconds thousands of people from around the world were both liking the photos and congratulating the lucky fans.  I thought this was a great marketing tool, and a way of making his fans feel special in that moment.  Of course by the time I made it up to him, his phone had died… but I managed to make my mark by accidentally photo bombing a few of the fans and being the only person who was able to take a “selfie” with the star, lolll.


Best Buy Drake8 Best Buy Drake9


I must commend Best Buy on pulling off this event seamlessly.  I have never been in a small space with a ton of fans trying to get to one person.  Best Buy store manager, Amy Adoniz and her team pulled this event without a hitch on Madison Square Garden proportions.  There was no shuffles, no fighting, and the lines were organized while customers were allowed to continue shopping in the store during this event.  When I left the store, the front of the store was immaculately clean.  You would have never known that thousands of fans were just outside the store not even an hour before.  Yes, I know Amy personally…. and let me be the first to say I COULD NEVER DO HER JOB!!!! lolll


Prior to the event, Amy/ Best Buy negotiated to have Drake spend time with the store employees.  They were able to get autographs, take pictures individually, and as a group.  Additionally, a few of them made it onto his Instagram timeline.   Drake displayed true class while at this event, and rightfully earned the loyalty of his fans all around.

Drake Album Release:  Fans Waiting in Line







And let’s not forget about DJ SNS who kept the crowd festive while they waiting in line for Drake….














A Few Selfies…

Best Buy Drake26























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