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So the Best Buy WOLF Program sent me this interesting gadget called a Fitbit. The Fitbit monitors your exercise routine, sleeping habits, and calories burned… then applies them to your fitness goals.  You can wear the Fitbit anywhere on your body…. well not anywhere, lolll.  Whenever you walk by the receiver, the Fitbit wirelessly syncs your device and sends over all of your data.  When you log into, you get a detailed report of your fitness accomplishments.  The device even tells you how long you slept and what your patterns were.  The Fitbit battery last for seven days, and it comes with a wrist band for when you sleep.  It also comes with a belt holster to help keep the deivce in place for when you are on the move. gives device owners free access to it’s online communitythat provide support and motivation to help you achieve your goals.  The device retails for about $100, and can be found at local Best Buy stores or on under SKU – 3440474 – plum/9594824 – blue.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play with this device since first receiving it.  In all honesty, I just realized today that the directions were missing out of the box so I haven’t fully utilized all of the Fitbit’s features to give an all-encompassing review.  I am going to read the directions online to get a full understanding of what the Fitbit can do, then apply them to my daily routine and keep you all posted on my progress.  What I can say is, I did go walking with the Fitbit, and it was very light.  When I exercise, I don’t like a lot of things holding me down.  The Fitbit was so light, that I felt like I had to check on it several times to make sure I didn’t lose it, lolll.  Since I wasn’t using the device correctly…. I instantly dismissed what I didn’t understand.  I didn’t know how to access the data on the device to find out how many steps that I took.  Without understanding the device, I wasn’t motivated to continue to use it.  Now that I know the devices full potential, I will review it more thoroughly at a later date.

As with anything I review… I try to think of how the item that I am working with can enrich New Yorker’s lives.  I personally feel like New Yorkers do a lot of walking.  Unfortunately, we don’t get a lot of sleep.  I am not sure if we would be able to fully take advantage of the online community since we are always on the move.  I read another users review saying that there is a FitBit iPhone App.  Hmmmm, now I am wondering if there is also one for the Android.  If that is the case, then New Yorkers might be more inclined to tap into the network.  Once connected, I think residents of the city that never sleeps would get a kick out of the daily reports and also might opt to set fitness goals and stick to them.  Again, we are always on the move and I truly believe that the Fitbit is built to keep up with active lifestyles.

So tonight will be my first night hat I sleep with the Fitbit…. yes, he is my new man, lolll.  I will report back to my House Cats on whether it was love or not.  Again, I have already tried it once- but I need to brush up on these directions for a clearer understanding so please check back 🙂

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Readers Question:  How often do you exercise?




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    I WAS going to the gym working out four times a week. But since some things have changed around our house I haven't gotteni ntoa routine of doing it at home. So outside of walking I haven't worked out except like 3 times int he last month 🙁

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