NO! to The Walmart in New York…

I, The Kitty Bradshaw, am against The Walmart coming to New York City.  The mega chain is like the plague that comes to take the life out of all healthy, thriving communities.  What makes New York great is the mixture of cultures and diverse backgrounds which are displayed through our billion and one boutiques and shops.  If you kill those businesses, communities will wither away… hence the lives pf those that make New York vibrant will move away.  When those people move away… New York will FAIL to exist…. NYC can not survive without the people who make it great!

As a compromise, I think The Walmart should set up a shuttle service from Port Authority to come pick up all the people on a budget, and shuttle them off to The New Jersey.

I don’t care if 71% of New Yorkers are in favor of The Walmart casting down on us like SNOWpocalypse 2010…. These same people have Bed Bugs, and voted Mayor Bloomberg in for a 3rd term! Blah, Blah, Blah…. NO! to The Walmart coming to town!


A moody New Yorker against change! 🙂


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    I agree, NYC is kept alive with small boutiques and individual shops. I have no idea where they would even put a walmart in the city … If you want to visit walmart go to Long Island or the NJ. I don't even go to walmart, TARGET is where its AT!!!!!!

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    Target has already hurt small businesses & they are continuing to grow their presence. so what harm can Walmart really do when Target is literally throwing up stores yearly all around the city?


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