Bay Area Travel: My Birthday Weekend in Photos with Nikon D3300

Venice Beach
Last month, I received the Nikon D3300 from Best Buy and Nikon. I was so excited to receive this gift as it was time to upgrade from my previous DSLR camera. I purchased a very expensive starter camera that didn’t have a lot of features that most cameras in its division have. My Nikon D3300 arrived 2 days before my birthday; just in time for my fun filled weekend which included the beach, a trip to the Bay Area where I made stops at the Raider’s game, tastings in wine country, and a final day in San Francisco. I took so many great pictures, and want to share them with you today.



My Aunt Mitzi soaking up the beautiful Fall background.Β 

My model was the best! πŸ™‚

Now before I go into the cool features, I want to begin with the fact that this camera produces studio quality video sure to make any vBloggers dreams come true. The Nikon D3300 records crisp, high definition video that help capture important moments such as YouTube videos, school plays, or surveillance. There is a port at the bottom for tripod setup to make solo recording or family portrait shots a breeze.


Nikon D3300
The thing that I love most about this camera is the 24 megapixels. Regardless if you’re a professional or novice, this camera will upgrade your photography skills. I didn’t realize how clear my pictures were until I pulled them up on my computer and noticed the camera was able to capture water residue from where cold beverages once stood, dust on antiques, and graduating flickers of light across the wall as the sun set. My photos spoke a thousand words, and their message is clear to anyone that views them. That is the difference between a basic camera, and a great camera. With the Nikon D3300, all that is needed is an interesting subject and the DSLR will do the rest.


Nikon D3300

While I was in Wine Country, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Jen Wall of the Barefoot Wine/ Gallo Family in Fred MacMurray’s home.Β  While the actor was alive, both him and his wife share the residence which lays on 1,500-acres.Β  Everything is the home is in it’s original place when the couple lived there.Β  Notice how the Nikon D3300 picked up the time stained picture frames.

Nikon D3300 - 12

These photos are out of order, loll.Β  This was my first photo that I took once I sat down at The Raider Game.

Nikon D3300 - 11

Fred MacMurray ranch is truly a magical place.Β  I absolutely loved how the house appeared as if it were waiting for his former occupants to return.

Nikon D3300 - 10

I attempted to build perspective here, while also playing with the settings on the Nikon D3300.Β  This camera is the Gadget of the Year for me.Β  What did I use before I got this?!

Nikon D3300 - 9

The Fruit of the God’s- Persimmons found at Fred MacMurray Ranch

Nikon D3300 - 8

This picture was taken at Venice Beach and one of the first pictures I took with the Nikon D3300.Β  If you are a novice, over time your pictures will improve very quickly.

Nikon D3300 - 7

A beautiful Fall day in Wine Country…

Nikon D3300 - 6

Capturing graffiti while at Venice Beach…

Nikon D3300 - 5 Nikon D3300 - 4

In the above two photos I was playing with the exposure.Β  The first was a bit overexposed, but I like it as it reveals the complexity of the background and various levels.Β  I can’t telly ou all enough how much I am in love with the Nikon D3300.



Nikon D3300 - 3

Raider Fans always make for interesting subject matter in photos.


Nikon D3300 - 2

Life at Venice Beach on a trip.Β  I regret not purchasing a painting, but God willing I will be back to purchase art for my new home in 2015.Β Β  Or maybe I will just use the photos captured on my Nikon D3300– I know… that sounds like paid advertisement but my love for this camera is genuine and no I was not paid to say that.

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