Anyone missing a PET? New York’s Dirtiest Hotels

Hotel Carver

NYC’s Dirtiest Hotels
1. Hotel Carter (note: also the dirtiest hotel in the U.S.)
2. New York Inn
3. Bowery’s Whitehouse Hotel

NYC’s Best Bargain Hotels
1. Desmond Tutu Center
2. Radio City Apartments
3. Hotel 17

NYC‘s Best Overall Hotels
1. Inn New York City
2. Library Hotel
3. New York Palace Hotel

When asked to comment on Tuesday by NBC news, the Hotel Carter didn’t address the dirty ranking, but a spokesperson said “You can’t beat the price or location.”

Kitty say’s: Well at least the rat died in a hotel suite… better then being trampled to death at the local Walmart…


  1. says

    Loll, I am sorta curious as to how you did an autopsy based off the one photo lmaooo. This picture came from a whole set… and this one was the least gruesome of them all, lolll.

  2. says

    I actually stayed at the Hotel Carter before I lived in NYC. My best friend and I were poor college students, and needed a cheap place to stay. It was cheap all right – but you had to wear shoes all the time so you wouldn’t cut your feet on the broken crack pipe glass. I’m not kidding.

    Here is some Trivia: adding to the “ambiance” of the Hotel Carter was the Tranny Hooker/Hustler Bar/Club in its old ballroom – Sally’s II. This space later became the club where the infamous Shyne/Diddy/J-Lo shooting took place.


  3. says

    I am not surprised. I have done hotel front desk for several hotels in the past. It was disturbing what would arise. We had a elderly lady who was extremely senile and stayed in one room. She trashed it. Think of the worst thing that could have been done and she did it. Thinking about it makes me sick.

  4. MissJoJo says

    Okay, um…who did the survey for these hotels. I mean did they have to stay there overnight? Did they have to touch the sheets, use the bathroom, take bacterial samples?


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