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Dell XPS 18


Dell XPS 18


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This month’s technology review is the new Dell XPS 18 All-In-One PC which functions as a desktop, tablet, and laptop.  Since I am a blogger, I was extremely excited to test this out as it fits well into the dynamic which is my life.  I need something that can wear different hats, and transition into different units as I move through different environments.  The screen is 18 inches, which is perfect for me when doing graphic design work. One of the programs that I use the most is Photoshop, and the larger the screen the better when editing photos.  Although it is possible to do graphic design work on smaller units, I save all of my Photoshop work for my larger devices to ensure accuracy.

The Dell XPS 18 is perfect for someone who travels for long periods of time… or maybe a student.  This machine is both versatile, and portable.  Some of the critics complained about the battery life, but *shrugs* I tested it out and the Dell XPS 18 lasted just over 4 hours for me- which is about the same as my laptop.   Since we are comparing the Dell XPS 18 to a standard laptop, let me scream from the hill tops that it weighs less than my current laptop!!!!  Actually, the weight of this device alone is the cherry on top of the sundae for me.  Everyone hates lugging around a heavy computer.  I attend a lot of conferences, and often times I want to bring my laptop, but the weight of it stops me from bringing it to a lot of places.  Although it is a little awkward in size, I don’t care whose view is obstructs.  I will take awkward in size and light over heavy and small any day.  I guess when it all boils down, it is a personal choice.

While reviewing the Dell XPS 18, another thing that stood out was the ease in setup.  I think I have owned close to 20 computers in my lifetime.  Maybe it’s the fact that technology is advancing, or it could be that I am just super impatient living in New York.  When I tell you all this was the easiest set up in the history of devices that I have ever owned.  When I first took the Dell XPS 18 out of the box, I had scheduled an hour for set up.  Seriously, maybe an hour was stretching it but there is no way I would have imagined it to take only 8 minutes.  It didn’t ask me a lot of questions… it was simply ready to go.  Hmmm… on one hand I thought maybe it was because it was a review device.  But on the other hand I remember with this particular computer I walked into Best Buy in SoHo and they pulled it from their immediate stock.  Literally this was machine was plug and play.  When reviewing devices I ask myself would my grandparents be able to use this?  Would they grow frustrated?  Additionally, I ask myself what is the minimum grade level that could handle set up.  Honestly, a third grader could set this system up with ease.

So my review model did not come with the docking station, something I am going to buy at a later date.  In the meantime, the tablet has fold out feet that come out 3/4 of the way.  The device did come with a super slim keyboard, and small mouse.  Both pieces are extremely light in weight.  The mouse is so small and light that I am scared I might lose it.  If you purchase this device for a senior or child I would recommend purchasing a mouse that attaches so they won’t lose it.  Also, if you are planning on transporting it around I would purchase a protective case.   The device over all is beautiful and sleek.  Oh one more thing I would purchase is maybe a screen protector and a cloth to remove finger prints since the Dell XPS 18 is touch screen.  One thing I didn’t test out on this device is if I could use it as a graphic board.  I do graphic design work part-time and find myself utilizing Photoshop 80% of the time.  It would be cool if I could use the Dell XPS 18 as a graphic tablet and hook up a stylus for photo extractions.  I am going to Google this to see if it is possible with this machine.  If it does allow this function I will be completely, and infinitely in love with this machine.

The only real negative I see is that it doesn’t have a disc drive.  I am someone who owns 4 computers so it really doesn’t bother me.  However, if you are someone who is going to use this as your main device… the lack of disc drive might be an issue.  It does however have Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, and a webcam.  In regards to memory, it has 8GB 1,600MHZ DDR3 SDRAM.  All in all this is a super sexy machine worthy of a person on the go living in New York City.

For more features, options, and where to purchase the Dell XPS 18, check it out here on


Dell XPS 18


  1. Shari burns says

    Did you find out if you can use Photoshop and a stylus with this? I am considering it, but need photoshop.

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