New York City Street Fairs: Supporting Small Business Through


Street fairs are such a huge part of living in New York.  Regardless if you’re into them or not, they always seem to find you before you get to them.  I remember on May 17,2008 while at home watching TV, Comcast flashed a neighborhood bulletin during the commercial break that a street fair was happening right outside my front door.  I slipped on my clothes and went out to buy produce and cds.   All the “whose, who” of the neighborhood were in attendance… it was truly an asphalt carpet event, lolll.  I still laugh about the event to this day as I truly didn’t know a full out street fair was taken place right under my nose.


The best things about the New York City Street Fairs are that they kinda resemble an outdoor flea market/ carnival.  There is live entertainment and concession.  For those of us transplants; you really get an overall view of the community at these events.  Politicians, and civic leaders come out as well.  Additionally, all money spent here goes directly back into the community which in turn helps build resources vital to the neighborhood.


Below are two links for the New York City Street Fairs which include schedules and applications for vending.  In my opinion, the street fairs give us a glimpse of what the city used to look like before corporations and commercialism took over and wiped out the small mom and pop businesses.

Enjoy 🙂


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    Hi Kitty. Well done once again. Showing yuh flava. If u were not scorpio youd be trini *wink*…keep doing what u doing… rip to those we lost. blessings flow to those we still got. head up, chin high cuz we got game and calypso, then soca and then dancehall

    *dancing to a Zoelah song*

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