New York Fashion Week F/W 2012: Rebecca Taylor

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As the lights dimmed and the music began to play, the crowd and I found it difficult to await the first model’s step upon the runway. With last year’s collection still more than vibrant in our fashion black books, the anticipation was intense. More than a platform of Rebecca’s latest inspiration and creation, this season’s collection is definitely a change for the once in my opinion “safe” designer.

Rebecca Taylor remained in the confinement of the dark color selection, offering hues of brown, blue, gray and a sensible use of black. Rebecca Taylor’s collection is reminiscent of an edgy, yet chic woman who knows how to flirt with the limitations of her own silhouette, while embracing the risqué beauty that fashion can bring. With the use of delicate patterns, Taylor uses fabrics and embellishments to enhance the “edgy texture” of the collection. With the graceful use of python and wool, the collection provided a naturalistic yet polished look, a great juxtaposition for the collection’s “Downtown Girl” theme. I left the show with a few great pieces in mind, but one of the closing ensembles included a jacket with a gray and black leopard pattern, that becomes more apparent as the eye follows the pattern downward towards the zipper. Ms. Taylor may have to send me that jacket in the mail…you know for my mom (only in my dreams).

Rebecca Taylor’s collection is brilliant in its balance in offering the Rebecca Taylor girl, a versatile closet this Autumn/Winter season. The collection managed to stay honest to the Rebecca Taylor motif: creating beautiful pieces from pure inspiration and honest tailoring. The collection has everything for the committed Rebecca Taylor girl, and the new audience that will embrace this collection for its authenticity and multiple looks. Well-done RT. Well done.



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