New York Fashion Week F/W 2012: Brandon Sun Presentation

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Although I am a two-year veteran of the Lincoln Center tents, this was my first attendance at a presentation. I actually prefer the presentation scene to the show, probably because of the mobility and sense of community in the room. Never the less, Brandon Sun’s A/W collection was more than I could imagine, I mean once I managed my way through the fog and impromptu appearance of “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest. With the designer himself floating around the presentation, the presentation quickly became a spectacle and an event of admiration, of a truly beautifully crafted collection.

Brandon Sun did not spare his use of fur, but used the fabric to accentuate each ensemble presented. The designs were dark, but kept an allure of youth and spontaneity that added to the collection’s aura. Hues of brown and black dominated the collection’s color selection, which added to the gloomy aesthetic of the room and the ensembles that varied in cuts and various tailoring. One of my favorite looks included an oversized fur neck trim, that hung low towards the abdomen of the model, offset by a woven wool sweater of a dark fray gray. With a specialization in fur high-end tailoring, it was no surprise the collection had so many tributes to the designer’s main line of work. Beautiful to say the least!

The presentation was definitely an experience and fashion spectacle, as the models began to interact more and more with the audience towards the closing minutes of the presentation. Brandon Sun is a prolific designer in his choice of inspiration and view on the relationship between fashion and cultural/social references. Styled after the dramatics and violence of Sun’s childhood admiration of Kung-Fu epics, the collection definitely has a theatrical aesthetic. Glory.






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