2014 New Years Resolution’s for Kitty Bradshaw

New Year's Resolutions

When you get to a certain age, you say fuck New Years Resolution’s and do you! Yeaaaa soooo… I am at that point in my life.  I made a deal long ago with myself, to stop lying to MYSELF.  The below is a list of things that I have already started doing, plans, and predictions.  I will strengthen “my process” in 2014.


2014 New Years Resolution’s for Kitty Bradshaw


1. 2013 was a shit year for me.  With that being said it was a BLESSING, because it cleared away all my baggage!!!!  So this resolution is about continuing to work on trusting God through the storm.  I really feel like I hit a low point this year.  I was literally and physically disgusted with myself and could not look at myself in the mirror.  I could not talk to God, I could not pray… I was so ashamed.  I made the mistake of investing everything into someone who had several options. When he left, I went bankrupt. This is the second time in my life that I have been devastated by someone, the first my mom, and then him. My New Year’s Resolution is to not prevent disaster (no one can do that), but to try and survive it the best way possible if it does happen again, and know that God will bring me through it.

One of the hardest things to do in life, is letting go of what you thought was real. -unknown


2.  Choose to be happy.  Choose to have fun.  I feel so wound up, trying to follow ALL OF THE RULES!  When one of the strings popped, I become all undone.  I just realized I have no clue who I am outside of following all of the rules.  Being automatically loyal.  Following what my community says do.  Following the instruction of corrupted individuals. Yes, I am having my “Sinclair Lewis- Babbitt” moment. I guess some of us get to the point where we ask ourselves, “Who am I outside of the expectations”?!

3. Enjoy being single for the time being… because once that train stops, it stops for good! loll.  I am ok with being by myself.  I currently am not romantically tied to anyone…. I haven’t “liked” anyone in quiet some time.  I have had a few cruses, but those only last for a few days.  Now that I think about it, I haven’t met anyone that I could seriously see myself with in a long time.  So I am fixing that by making some changes.  But in the meantime… I want to be single, and continue to figure out who I am.


4. Website- I will completely overhaul the site.  EVERYTHING is changing, except my name and logo! My branding materials, slogan will switched out, and in Q2 the theme will be updated.

5. WRITE MY BOOK!!!!  So I have to wait until February to start it, but until then I am trying to figure out what it will be about.  Come up with an outline, and title.  OMG I have to find someone to write a forward!!!!! lolll.  I am both excited and scared about this challenge.

6. Celebrate my birthday on the beach.  Please, God, don’t let it rain that day, lolll.  I already have my first invited guest confirmed.  We will be in our lawn chairs, sipping a cocktail, enjoying the sound of the waves.  AND! A bonfire!  It all plays out in my mind.

7. A new apartment that is bright and airy.  Also, it needs to be in a good delivery area with decent Thai Food delivery options, loll.


Those are my only New Years Resolution’s– PLANS- GOALS for 2014. I wish you all success in 2014!!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “2014 New Years Resolution’s for Kitty Bradshaw

  1. Love what you want for the coming year Kitty!! I hope it all comes true, especially being happy. I just got into Thai food and it’s amazing! Next time we meet up we should get some. 🙂

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