Resturant Review: Negril Village

Negril Village

Forget the food… this is a date spot. The environment is real sensual…dimly lit… good drinks. if your concerned about food eat a sandwich before you leave the house. I didn’t particularly care for the food. We ordered three appetizers and none of them were pleasing to the taste buds.

Not saying I was there with someone ugly… but this is the type of place you can take someone unattractive to and no one will notice. The dim lights blur them out lmaoooo. You could also take your special someone for a sexy time out. If I’m not mistaken we were sitting on couches huddled up gazing into each others eyes. Did I mention the drinks were good?! This is a secret rendezvous type spot loll. Not really a post for going with your girls… although there were those who did… but in real-time it was mostly couples there.

In regards to the grading system I give this spot an: A-. It served it’s purpose for meaningful pointless conversation, ambiance, and good drinks!

2 thoughts on “Resturant Review: Negril Village

  1. I’ve actually been to this place while back. i enjoyed it. but again this was years ago so im not sure if they’ve switched chefs, menus, etc etc. but lately i’ve become more of a “go out and drink” person so maybe its time to revisit the place. uh….yeah i need a drink right about now.


  2. negril’s lounge is cool if u wanna dance but if u wanna just sit and drink check out tillmans. I got more, hit me up.

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