#NASCAR Day 1 w/ #ToyotaWomen


Hey House Cats-

Currently I am on the most awesome trip ever with Team Toyota for NASCAR here in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I took a lot of amazing pictures today, but wanted to give you all a small teaser for what’s to come.  This was my first time ever watching a car race, so imagine my excitement when I learned that I would be able to view it from the Toyota Corporate Suite with all of their VIP’s.  Prior to us attending the race, we got to meet with Coach Joe Gibbs, who spoke with me and the ladies of Toyota Women about the role that the racing industry plays in today’s economy, and tapping into demographics that are often looked over.  Joe spoke very candidly with us about how he got into racing, and how his wife makes all of the financial decisions.  We got to meet with J.D. Gibbs (Joe’s son), the head of Social Media for NASCAR (Bryan Cook), as well as the heads of PR and Marketing.  Joe Gibbs later on payed a visit to the suite to make sure that the Toyota Women were doing ok.  After our meetings, we later toured one of the garages used to assemble the racing vehicles.  During this time I learned about the sponsorship process.

There was so much that happened today… my thoughts are all over the place and need time to process and develop. One small detail I left out was that a Toyota Car won the race, so we got to go inside of the “Winner’s Circle”.  We got to celebrate with the pit crew and take pictures with the winner, Joey Logano.  After that we hoped on golf carts and when racing in the back lots, lolll.  I made a video and will be posting it tomorrow.  Alas, our day had to come to an end… we hoped back on our charter bus with the promise of a full day’s adventures starting bright and early.

Tomorrow’s Departure Time: 8:30am

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