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Beauty in Action 2

In conjunction with the My Black is Beautiful campaign, I was selected to discuss “Beauty in Action“, and where I draw confidence from.  MBIB encourages women to share what encourages them to believe that beauty is more than skin deep. Whether it’s an image, person, quote, mentoring, or giving back… we all have a story to tell that can inspire others.  Today I am going to share what Beauty in Action means to me.

I spent most of my years in an awkward stage.  I came into this world with a huge “wine spill” birthmark on my shoulder.  I used to hate it, and spent a lot of time wishing it away.  I would put bleaching cream on it, thought about possible tattoos to cover it up, applied make-up to it… I just really wanted it to go away.  In addition, I had a big head, and my hair was nappy.  Then to make things worse, I skipped the whole training bra stage, and developed huge boobs in the 4th grade which led to me being teased.  I wasn’t a very attractive kid growing up, and what made it worse was that I didn’t have confidence, and wasted a lot of time trying to please others in order to be accepted.

Beauty in Action

Things started to change when I became older and grew into my body more.  I started developing a personality that really didn’t ripe until my 30s.  Growing up, I didn’t have a person that told me I was beautiful, nor were there many black women on tv that I could identify with.  The black women that were on tv, they were so exceptionally beautiful, they ran circles around the prettiest person that I knew.  I credit the internet for saving me and giving me my strength.  Once the internet was developed, I was able to see normal/ non celebrity women like me that embodied confidence, strength, and beauty skin deep.  I saw other people with birthmarks similar to my own, as well as other issues that they were able to own.  I am not sure how old I was when I came to terms with my birthmark, but at some point I accepted my it, and therefore accepted me!  I would never remove it because this mark makes me unique.

Today, the best thing that I can say about me is that “I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am somebodies 5th of whiskey”.  Instead of living to please others, I work at being a better person.  My Beauty in Action is using my online platform to give back by being a champion for those with no voice.  I talk about self love, childhood abuse, hair loss, and other topics that a lot of people go through, but often feel alone in the struggle.  Eventually, I will write a series of children’s books teaching that beauty is not a look, it is a character trait.


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    Im SO glad you came to fall in love with the beauty that EVERY one else sees in you, Kitty! From the moment i met you i just adored you and your larger than life personality! You are gorgeous from the inside out, and from the outside in!
    And i particularly appreciate you (and your blog) for your candor and honesty. It’s not always easy blogging from such an authentic, genuine place. Thx for this post, it just made my day. xo

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    Even the most beautiful women in the world suffer from severe self-esteem issues. The most important thing is that you have learned that loving yourself is the most important thing. That is what being beautiful is all about. Besides, you are beautiful as well. Sharing stories like this are so important because they do help other women. So, keep sharing your story and helping to lift others up as well. That makes you even more beautiful.

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    You are gorgeous and oh so beautiful to me Kitty! I love your confidence and your personality. Can’t wait to hang out with you again soon, I always leave smiling.

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    It’s definitely harder when you are younger to realize that you don’t have to please everyone! I think a lot of us go through that stage, and it’s even worse when you develop before the others…I’ve had that experience. I love that you were able to overcome your negative thoughts about yourself and your birthmark and gain confidence!

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