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The Kitty Bradshaw has teamed up with Capitol One to talk about 5 things I love to do in NYC.  This task came just in time for my 5th Anniversary of living in New York.  There are so many things to love about living here; it will be extremely difficult to narrow it down to just 5 things.  Since, I am a lifestyle Blogger I will cover Food, Shopping, Tourism, Recreation, and Giving Back.  With over 60 Capitol One branches in New York, you are certain to find a location within spitting distance of all the below activities.


Food- Bodhi Tree NYC

This is my new favorite Thai Food restaurant in New York.  Actually, I don’t think I had a favorite until now.  I discovered this little gem a few weeks back and refuse to eat Thai food from any other place.  I took full advantage of their lunch special that served up this incredible Prawns in Pumpkin Curry.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted.  The Bodhi Tree is located in the East Village. 58 3rd Ave- New York, NY 10003


2. Shopping- Macy’s 34th


Macy’s 34th Harold Square is now boasting the largest Shoe Department in the world.  The newly renovated shoe salon boast over 200 designers.  I had the pleasure of attending the 1st ever Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Macy’s Lounge.  They had a room dedicated to all the newest shoe not available for sale yet.  It was amazing!  It was sorta like how I picture Heaven to be, but on a much larger scale.  Below are L.A.M.B. shoes I fell in love with.  I will definitely be going back to purchase these.  151 West 34th Street  New York, NY 10001



3. Tourism- The Statue of Liberty

You can’t visit New York without paying homage to The Queen.  Liberty means different things to different people.  I think Liberty means more to people who are not native to the United States and/ or New York; we appreciate her more.  To me, she represents a new life.  A distant dream that almost seemed unattainable. You spend your whole life reading about the Stature of Liberty and seeing her on TV.  Nothing beats meeting her for the first time.  Below is a picture of her the last time we had lunch together.  Please, excuse the construction she was in the process of getting botox injections in her knees (from all of the standing) 🙂



4. Recreation- The Hudson River

There are so many recreational activities to do along the Hudson River- from sailing and boating, to bowling, bicycling, golfing, and much, much, more.  In the pictures below, I was at two different rooftop events overlooking the river.  I am so happy that I can share the moments with you all.  The Hudson provides some awesome photo opps.


5. Giving Back

Regardless if you are a resident or a visitor… always give back.  New York is a life force… a major source of energy.  If you are fortunate enough to experience NYC, please show your appreciation by giving back.  This can be through community and service, making the environment around you better, or being a resource to someone.  The universe rewards those who play it forward.  New York is kind to those who are kind to it.  This is the greatest city in the world…



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    Ms. Bradshaw I love this post. It is so funny that you are going into your 5th year living in New York, I will actually be celebrating my 5th year in So Cal 🙂 Although I have never physically been to New York I feel like I just got a taste of it. Thanks for sharing. You are FAB

    SS <3

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