Michelle Obama DNC Speech 8/25/08

Kitty says: I like Michelle way more than I like Obama. Michelle is the real second in command… You can judge a man by the type of wife he picks. Lately I haven’t been agreeing with Obama on a couple of things, but his wife is what helps me keep my opinions to myself…

I will be posting the highlights of the DNC & RNC here…

p.s. Joe Biden is a Handsome old white man in a Sean Connery/ Paul Newman sort of way  *shrugs* lolll


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    Michelle certainly did her thing last night at the DNC. I think Obama is moving to the center (which all candidates have done since the late 80’s) in order to win the national election. I’d rather he do what he needs to do and get into office, than stay as “liberal” as we all want and lose. You can’t initiate change from outside on the sidewalk of Pennsylvania Ave

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    She looked amazing. And her hair never looked better. I did manage to get past those eyebrows, due to her words being so elegant. You could feel the love that she has for her husband, her daughters, and her country. Mrs. Obama represented her husband and party well. *note to self, order that Obama/”The View” dress ASAP*

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