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About Kitty Bradshaw

In the spirit of her personal philosophy, Good things come when you pursue what you love; Kitty Bradshaw captivates readers with effortless wit, innovation, and savvy to introduce them to the bare essentials and must-haves of popular culture. With greater than 18 year’s professional writing experience and business strategizing under her designer handbag, Kitty Bradshaw.Com provides the ultimate introductory experience for brands seeking to meet-and-mingle with people domestically and beyond.

Boasting 20,000 subscribers and an incomparable social media presence, Kitty Bradshaw has a proven track record of success with national clients: Gap, Nina Shoes, Johnson & Johnson, Cabot Creameries, Time Out New York, Smirnoff Liquor, Smart Box, TJ Maxx, NRelate, COUGAR, SWAGG App, Kodak Eastman and local businesses: Tonnies Minis, and Chez Lucienne amongst a growing list of others.

Kitty Bradshaw’s infectious energy and Social Superiority landed her recognition by Gap as one of only 50 national brand ambassadors, and most recently received international attention and PR News Wire Press as the International Winner of the Social Media Influencer Team Award from Smart Box Scavenger Hunt, an international competition.

Businesses regard her as their ultimate brand liaison and rely on her savvy and interpersonal lure to position them amongst the ranks of top competitors. Whether fashion, music, home décor, or technology is your muse, Kitty Bradshaw.Com speaks a universal language that will heighten your senses and keep you coming back for more.

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I have a passion for Blogging.  I have been Blogging going on 14 years, and have run an increasingly popular website for close to 2 years.  After my first year, I landed a one year Gap Sponsorship, as a GAP BRAND ENTHUSIAST.  I offer one on one Blog Startup and Brand Marketing consolations’ packages (via telephone, or in person) for those interesting in starting, pursing, and mastering Blogging.

Blog Startup Consultation

I will answer any questions you have in regards to starting up a Blog.  I will help you come up with a fool proof strategy by going over all the necessary tools needed to successfully start up and run your Blog.  The Q + A session will not only provide answers to your questions regarding all things Blogging, but also brainstorm in the areas of choosing whether 3rd Party Hosting or Self Hosting is right option for you and the marketing and promotion of your website.

Included in the writing consultation package:

  • How to start (Cost, Hosting Options, Design)
  • Picking a niche: Exploring your passions, creating a niche to build your Blog around, determining your three keywords for your website.
  • SEO Basics (Tips to help ensure you’re your websites is put on the right track to prime Search Engine Optimization)
  • Referrals (Coders, Hosting Companies, Graphic Designers, Web Designers)

Brand Marketing Consultation

I will help you build a personal brand that GRABS attention and grows your Blog.

  • Blog Brand Strategy/Planning (Defining your vision, positioning and messaging)
  • Blog Brand Identity (Naming your business, brainstorming logo ideas, design, brand launch, etc.)
  • Blog Monetizing (Exploring different options for making money online)
  • Blog Critiques (For existing Blogs looking to graduate to professional Blogging)
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing, and much more

For serious inquiries, please contact me here and I’ll contact you within 24 hours.

Kitty’s Appointment Length: 60 minutes

Kitty’s Appointment Fee: $90


Contact me here for questions, comments, and rates.

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