My @McDonalds Favorties under 400 Calories


Let me be the first to say that I do not hold McDonalds responsible for irresponsible eating habits. I mean… I am not completely horrible but I also don’t really pay attention to the labels. Basically, I let me palette do the choosing. As I get older, I notice that I don’t lose the weight as quickly as I did 10 years ago…  and so with that, I need to realign my eating habits with my new, extra slow metabolism. However, let’s not call this a diet- more so me “Eating Smarter on my own Terms”.

I visit McDonalds in moderation. Although, they are my #1 go to Fast Food restaurant… I also know that they aren’t going to call the fire department if I get so big that I get stuck on the toilet and need to be pried out, lolll. I think I speak for everyone when I say we I have this Love/Hate relationship with McDonalds… I love all of their items that register over 400 calories, but I hate that it sticks to my waist line.

So I got to attend a Blogger’s breakfast during #BlogHer12, where McDonalds explained their healthy eating initiative. Fast forward to a week later and I am sitting here reading all the literature they sent us home with. One particular brochure that stood out was the one where they listed all of their food items that are registered under 400 calories. The thing that struck a chord in my mind is that none of the items that I like to eat at McDonalds are on the list, lolll.  Below are my favorites:


Kitty Bradshaw’s Ultimate McDonald’s Favorites

1. Filet o’ Fish Meal


2. Cherry Berry Chiller



3. Southwest Chicken Salad w/ the crispy chicken



4. 10 Piece Chicken McNuggets Meal w/ Sweet and Sour or Sweet Chili Sauce



5. Country Chicken Sandwich


*thinkin* This post is making me hungry, lolll.

So I just love how McDonalds indirectly said that they have a Love/Hate relationship with me as well. They love me as a customer, but they hate that I am killing myself, loll.  So this post is about how me and McDonalds can peacefully coexist.

Below are some healthy alternatives to my Favorites:

Filet o’ Fish- Ok so it turns out that this sandwich isn’t so bad.  It registers in at 380 calories.  Instead of getting the meal with French Fries and a large Orange Hi-C, I can get a side salad at 20 calories, and get water.  My only issue is I know that the salad dressing will be extra calories… I can’t eat salad without dressing, so I will research to see if they have low-calorie dressing.

Cherry Berry Chiller- Water will be the substitute.  I am pretty particular on my beverages.  I love the Cherry Berry Chiller! If I can’t have what I want, I don’t want anything at all.

Southwest Chicken Salad w/ the crispy chicken- Hmmmm, I guess I can try the salad with grilled chicken.  However, again, I will need the dressing.


10 Piece Chicken McNuggets Meal w/ Sweet and Sour or Sweet Chili Sauce- I can purchase a 6 piece instead of a 10 piece.  Additionally, I will follow the same steps above and substitute the fries and drink for a side salad and water.

Country Chicken Sandwich-  Ok this might be a stretch… I will substitute for a Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich.  I don’t like Ranch and they can hold the bacon.  They listed 380 calories for the substitute… but it will be even less with the modifications.



Note:  No one asked me to write this post.  After attending BlogHer12 McDonald’s Brunch, I felt inspired to write a post about this topic. I want to discuss tough issues, and be an example as I continue to learn how to improve my lifestyle.

I hope that this post will get people thinking about healthy substitutions, and how to incorporate them into their daily eating routine.


QUESTION: What are some of your favorite items to eat that you would consider finding a healthy  alternative for?



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    Hey now! I for one, love Mickey Dees' breakfasts, and I am so glad they have plenty of items that are easy on the calories on their breakfast menu. Their fruit and oatmeal is slamming. And who knew that the Egg McMuffin was under 400 calories. It's my favorite (and I wish they served them ALL day, but that's another story for another time).

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