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So you wanna wrap! I had the pleasure of attending the McDonalds Premium Wrap Launch Party a little over a week ago on the Paramount Pictures Studio Lot.  McDonalds rolled out the green carpet and rolled in a massive green food truck to handle the invited McDiners (Celebrities & Bloggers). The famous Paramount Water Tower glowed above in the night light and had been McWrapped for the event as well.


McD McWrap Kyle MauricioMcD McWrap Brandi Glanville

The Party was to introduce three new wraps on the menu Chicken & Bacon, Chicken & Ranch and Sweet Chili Chicken. The entry was a sea of freshness, veggie stands loaded with all the new healthy ingredients that you’ll find nestled inside the warm tortilla wrap with piping hot chicken of your choice crispy or grilled.

 I tried the Crispy Sweet Chili Wrap and found it to have the right amount of hot, spicy, sweet flavor. I paired my wrap with the piping hot fries that their known for…..which is my Mickey D’s drug of choice, the aroma of hot fries floated through the crowd all night long.

McD McWrap

The open bar and photo booth seem to be the perfect mix with the live entertainment. As for me I took a seat and sipped on the McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller. While listening to DJ Mia and Violinist Caitlin. They had the joint jumpin, and for a minute there I could have sworn I saw fire or at least smoke coming from Caitlin’s bow.  Later the party was turned up when John Martian took the stage and Tyga turned it out by rockin the house until the party ended around 1:00 am. Nice way to kick off the holiday weekend.

I have to say I’m impressed with the conscious discussion that McDonalds has made to continue to increase the amount of healthy items on their menu. Not to be cliché but I’m Lovin It!


In addition to the festivities in Los Angeles… McDonalds also hosted a smaller scale launch in New York with New York Knicks basketball star Steve Novak.  Steve mingled with guest in the “Sweet Chili Chill Out Lounge,” complete with a DJ playing music and a rap competition to find NYC’s freshest MC, with a cash prize for the winner. Unfortunately, Team Kitty Bradshaw was unable to attend this one… but we heard it was quite an event.  Please, go down to your local McDOnalds to try out any one of their new McWraps.

McWrap Packaging


  • Combining fresh vegetables, tasty sauces and juicy chicken in a warm tortilla, McDonald’s new Premium McWrap is the perfect meal for anyone looking to unwrap a fresh new flavor experience.


  • With an abundance of ingredients and flavors including Sweet Chili Chicken, Chicken & Bacon, or Chicken & Ranch, Premium McWrap is a meal-size wrap in a convenient, hand-held package that’s sure to satisfy for the busy, on-the-go customer.


  • The introduction of Premium McWrap is part of McDonald’s broader effort to enhance and expand our menu offerings in response to customers’ evolving needs and taste preferences.
  • Follow McDonald’s local Twitter handle @McDNYTriState to receive information about our local products, news and promotions.


Here are the Nutritional Facts about the McWraps…

McWrapNutrition (launching soon)

Blog New York/ LA Event: McDonalds McWraps… @McDNYTriState

New York/ LA Event: McDonalds McWraps… @McDNYTriState

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