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Adam was a collection that was shown inside of the Stage space @ Lincoln Center today.  The brands CFDA approved designer although previously under the tutelage of Oscar De La Renta and Ralph Lauren has clearly found his own niche.  Having said that you could see the impression that those strong brands played in his growth as a designer leading to a very strong refinement and elegance.

The collection was mostly a large ode to the season and its pleasant pastels.  There were plenty of floral prints, in both large sizes and dainty designs as well.  I appreciated the colours of the bouquet being played throughout the collection independently.  There was a nice pink halter dress that was made of such a delicate fabric it almost floated down the runway which led to an amazing lilac updated flapper style dress that really stood out.  There were serious moments of black floral that came across slightly more mature, but then this led to polkadot suiting and a sundress that allowed the designer to not appear to trendy, but appealing to his own personal aesthetic.
Another surprise to the collection was the drummer jacket, seen in both red and blue.  As off as it seemed from the rest of the collection i think it was just a matter of having everything.  The white dress that was worn beneath it pulled it all together crisply.  After viewing this collection I’m eager to see where Adam is heading next, as stated earlier, although he helms from a prestigious past, he clearly beats his own drum, a well tailored one at that.


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